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The First Snow Cont’d

First Snow, a happy, wintry bop for December. The music makes you think of cute little elves frolicking in the snow.


***Happy sigh***

So yet another cute song from EXO. Correction, it’s magically cute sounding, key word sounding. Admin Pisces has already shown us in the lyrics that this song falls in line with Peter Pan. Remember that one? Musically adorable, lyrically sad.


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EXO-12 M~The First Snow



di yi chang xue xia qi de wu hou

After the afternoon of the first snow

想和你 分享感动

xiang he ni fen xiang gan dong

I wanted to share and enjoy with you,


que zhi chen mo dui zhe hua tong

but only silence faced the microphone

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EXO-12 K~The First Snow


첫눈 오는 이런 오후에 너에게

cheotnun oneun ireon ohue neoege

On this afternoon as the first snow is falling

전화를 걸 수만 있다면 기쁠텐데

jeonhwareul geol suman itdamyeon gippeultende

If only I could call you, I’d be so happy

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The First Snow

We have now come to the end of EXO’s second EP, and their first winter special album Miracles in December. A special winter tradition they have continued since 2013.

We are returning to a lonely, somber, love-lorn EXO once more in the song that ends this album.


From the opening lines, one can only infer that it has been a “year” since “Christmas Day” and EXO is looking back at what had been with their love interest. Unfortunately for EXO it is a reflection to another failed situation.

And we had such hopes! Didn’t we?

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EXO-12 M~My Turn to Cry

wo hai zai yong bao zhe
I’m still embracing

zai ku qi de ni
You who is still crying

na e meng tai qing xi
That nightmare, too clearly etched in my head

xia yi miao wo ye jiu qing xing
I awake in the next second

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EXO-12 K~My Turn to Cry

*Re-organized by Admin Pisces* (I hope the translations are not messed up because of the organization.)




을 꿨어요 울던 그대를

안아주기 전에 꿈에서 깨어 버렸죠

angmongeul kkwosseoyo uldeon geudaereul

anajugi jeone kkumeseo kkaeeo beoryeotjyo

I had a nightmare before I could hug you,

Who was crying, I woke up

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My Turn to Cry

My goodness. What an incredible week this has been already for EXO. Not only have they been soaring on the music charts, but their pre-order sales (both physical and digital) have been doing well too for ‘For Life.’

And now we come to ‘My Turn to Cry’ a favorite of many EXO-L’s to be sure. Certainly one of many favorites of this Admin (especially the live performance.)

Listening to Baekhyun’s live solo of this song while accompanying himself on piano shows another side of the longing, mournful emotional depth that this piece describes.

For your viewing pleasure.

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The Star Cont’d

Before I begin, **in Chanyeol voice** let me tell you a story about how last week’s analysis has ruined Admin Aqua. I got a little spoiled finding sheet music for Miracles in December. It only happened once and I miss it already. I don’t want it to be a one time thing though!


But back to the task at hand…..


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EXO-12 M~The Star

Uh huh can I tell you a story of season
Come on

星雨飞往地下 像是计划
xīng yǔ fēi wǎng dì xià xiàng shì jì huá
The stars rain on the earth like it was planned

dú zì chuān guò sēn lín hé xī bo de qì yā
Crossing over forests and thin air pressure alone

无聊沉寂的夜 没什么可以写下
wú liáo chén jì de yè méi shen me kě yi xiě xià
The boring still night, not much to write down

huò kè zài bì huà
or engrave on murals

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