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#StreamStreamStream GottaGottaStreamStream

There are quite a few streaming projects underway currently as we prepare for EXO’s next comeback EXOLs! Pisces just wanted to add a couple more for us all to focus on 😉

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Love, Love, Love Cont’d

The feels in this song!!!!!!


Every EXO album has those one or two songs that you wish someone would sing to you to express how they feel about you and for “Overdose” Love, Love, Love is that song. As Pisces said, it falls in line with What is Love? and I’d add Angel (Into Your World) and maybe even Baby that came after it.


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EXO-M Love, Love, Love

每天 每天 每天 我来回寻找
měi tiān měi tiān měi tiān wǒ lái huí xún zhǎo
Every day, every day, every day I search

shēn pà cuò guò nǐ yī miǎo
afraid that I’ve missed you by a second

一直到我 遇见你以后
yī zhí dào wǒ yù jiàn nǐ yǐ hòu
Until I run into you, from then on

cóng cǐ wéi rào zài nǐ shēn biān shǒu hòu
I circle your side, protecting you

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EXO-K Love, Love, Love

매일 매일 매일 너를 찾아가
maeil maeil maeil neoreul chajaga
Every day, every day, every day I look for you

그냥 다시 돌아와
geunyang dasi dorawa
I just come back

널 만난 그 후로 이렇게
neol mannan geu huro ireoke
After meeting you like this

너를 주위를 돌기 시작해
neoreul juwireul dolgi sijakhae
I started to go hang out with you

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Run Cont’d

As soon as you hear the “AHHHHHHHHHH YUP!” you’re ready to go. Be honest, you start bouncing around just like Pisces and I whenever this song comes on. It’s such a fun song how can you not start bouncing/jumping when you listen to it?!

Everything in this song makes you want to do exactly what the title says, RUN! {it’s a great song to go running to. I’ve done it and works so well. Do I bop/bounce a little when it comes on when I’m on the track? Yes, yes I do.}

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어디든 좋아 우리 오늘밤 떠나볼래?

떠나볼래?하늘은 파랗고 별은 가득한 그런곳에 그런곳에

A-yo, A-yo, 조금만 더 달려 거의 온 것 같아

A-yo, A-yo, 겁먹지는 말고 여기 내가 있어

힘껏 달려 멈추지마 내 손을 잡고 이제 천천히 눈 떠봐너무 놀라지마, U ready?

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Credit:  hurtbeat_ 훈

(AHHHHH YUP!! I love this! I love it! I love it so damn much! It’s so much fun! Everyone is having fun!! Everyone is smiling!! The guys look so happy!! I was about to bounce out of my bed to dance while I listened and wrote but I disturbed my cat who was peacefully napping beside me and….anyways….)


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