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El Dorado Cont’d

No lie every time I heard this song until I saw the stage…


Come on, admit it. It did come to mind. (Well if you’ve seen the movie…) But after watching the performance that is the furthest thing from your mind. This is such a beautiful stage and the guys just…deliver as always.


{Hell, I’ll be Chel anytime….😉}


Let me behave.

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Exodus Cont’d

I get some serious Michael Jackson vibes from this song.


I mean…. “ She’s So Dangerous. The Girl Is So Dangerous” and EXO’s “Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous”….. I’m just saying…

I would love for someone to do a video with EXODUS playing behind MJ’s live performance of Dangerous or Dangerous playing behind EXO performing EXODUS during EXO’LuXion. {Ooo Pisces, our next Sunday Funday edit?}

Ok, just from the title alone we understand that this song is about EX’iting something (Exodus means a mass departure) so let me make this move to actually discussing the music.


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Transformer Cont’d

***the beat drops***



“You slow down…”


“Then you speed up….”


“Tick tick boom boom bout to blow!!!!”


Aww hell I can’t do this!!!!!

Admin Aqua is too turnt to do an analysis on this one!!


**Experience Otherworldly Aural AND Physical TransfigurationTransformation**

Call Me Baby Cont’d

Ah the sense of familiarity this song breeds. Call Me Baby was the song that introduced me to EXO and I’ve been hooked ever since. Oh the nostalgia………


But I’m just as excited as Pisces that we’ve finally reached this point in the discography. As I mentioned in my UnPlugged moment {I’m fine guys. I’ve recovered. That darn Beagle…} I was watching the EXO Channel EXO-L Japan Fan Meet from 2015 and they performed Call Me Baby to close it out. Lookie here, lookie here, this damn song…..boy……… and then Pisces posted the demo………..got Admin Aqua over here like


Whoooooooo boy!!!!!

But I digress…

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Love, Love, Love Cont’d

The feels in this song!!!!!!


Every EXO album has those one or two songs that you wish someone would sing to you to express how they feel about you and for “Overdose” Love, Love, Love is that song. As Pisces said, it falls in line with What is Love? and I’d add Angel (Into Your World) and maybe even Baby that came after it.


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Run Cont’d

As soon as you hear the “AHHHHHHHHHH YUP!” you’re ready to go. Be honest, you start bouncing around just like Pisces and I whenever this song comes on. It’s such a fun song how can you not start bouncing/jumping when you listen to it?!

Everything in this song makes you want to do exactly what the title says, RUN! {it’s a great song to go running to. I’ve done it and works so well. Do I bop/bounce a little when it comes on when I’m on the track? Yes, yes I do.}

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