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Hello dear readers! We return to our discussion of EXO’s second studio album EXODUS by analyzing “Hurt.”

The opening stanza is very powerful in clearly illustrating what hurt they have endured at the hands of this love interest (were they the same love interest we met in Playboy? Perhaps even in Machine?)

Let us tune into the lyrics.

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rào yī quān huí yuán dì

Eventually, I come back to my original place


shòu kùn zài ài de mígōng

trapped in love’s maze


I told you the whiplash was going to be real….didn’t I….? There are no truer lines than I have read than these right here. This if anything at all has been the persistent downfall and growing point for EXO throughout their discography….

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What If…

Ok….let me just stop for just a second and be reckless.

For anyone who grew up on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony….please help me…does the opening of “What If” not sound at least like “1st of tha Month…..”…..? Like is that just Admin Pisces….?

If it is, that’s fine and I’ll let it go. But for any of you who enjoy their music and know that song…just let me know. Like let’s talk about that later.

Anyways, we return yet again to brooding, shoulda coulda woulda mournful EXO.

**the biggest sigh EVER to sound**


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Call Me Baby

Oh MY GODDDDDD!!!!! Admin Pisces cannot tell y’all how excited she is for this phase in our discussions. Slowly but surely we are catching up to EXO in their discography. Definitely don’t think we’ll be caught up in time to do real time reporting of their pieces as they release their next comeback but….we’re moving steadily along all the same.

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Credit:  hurtbeat_ 훈

(AHHHHH YUP!! I love this! I love it! I love it so damn much! It’s so much fun! Everyone is having fun!! Everyone is smiling!! The guys look so happy!! I was about to bounce out of my bed to dance while I listened and wrote but I disturbed my cat who was peacefully napping beside me and….anyways….)


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