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Features 2014 Cont’d

ZHOUMI – Rewind (Korean Chinese MV Comparison) (feat. 찬열 of EXO) (feat. TAO of EXO)

“My clock is always stopped so I’m wandering in the maze of time
Yesterday seems like tomorrow and after the dawn comes night
I go back in time and the night comes to an end
Reality is too painful so I rewind my memories”

So here for the multiple versions of Zhoumi of Super Junior-M debut single “Rewind.” And what a single this is! Straight bop! Before you can even begin to look at the lyrics, what’s happening in the instrumentation takes over making you bob your head along and maybe get up to shake a little something. And after losing yourself to the rhythm maybe then you can return to the lyrics. That provocative introduction of finger snaps and bass turns into a sexy bass driven electronic feast. As we find so often in music period, oftentimes what’s going on in the instrumentation is deceptive to the listener even if they are being attentive. Zhoumi’s “Rewind” is no different. Even with the electric “come hither” energy displayed by Zhoumi (the thirst traps are so real…hence the 15+ rating) if you’re watching the story play out across the screen, you realize this is a song of pained, sorrowful reflection that isn’t resolved even by the end. He just keeps rewinding. And so will we to keep hearing both Zitao and Chanyeol’s additions to this enticing bop! (They both DELIVERED!!)