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#StreamStreamStream GottaGottaStreamStream

There are quite a few streaming projects underway currently as we prepare for EXO’s next comeback EXOLs! Pisces just wanted to add a couple more for us all to focus on 😉

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Growl Cont’d

Ah, the song that MC’s always say is their favorite. Seriously, on every show they go on when MC’s and other celebrities are asked what their favorite EXO song is they always say 으르렁. Some have danced with them to it.

Some have sung with them.

We’ve even previously posted on Sunday Funday on our Tumblr about a dad doing the rap from Growl on * Singing Battle *. It has become their unofficial signature song.

I could go on and on but what I’m really here to do is talk about the music, not the reactions to and around the song. (Although maybe Admin Pisces and I can do an experiment at some point about that…) So let’s get into the music.

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Now we’ve finally come to the song EXO is known for, still to this day. (How can we forget the contestant on SBS Fantastic Duo who claimed EXO’s debut song was Growl? Like what?? LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Girl! You played yourself! You could have at least done a Naver search! Like damn!!!)




Anyways, it’s a pretty campy song. I like the way the familiar tag is played during many of EXO’s broadcasts (I’ve just started watching Descendants of the Sun and heard it there as well) the words can’t help but come to your mind and before you know it you’re singing

我 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 你

Wo eureurong eureurong eureurong ni

I growl growl growl at you


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