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EXO-M Lucky

Zhu zai tong yi guo de wo he ni
you and me who live in the same country

Yong tong yang yan yu de wo he ni
you and me who speak the same language

是多么幸运 有这样运气
Shi duo muo xing yun you zhe yang yun qi
We’re so fortunate to have this kind of luck

Zai mei you geng mei hao de ju qing
There’s no better plot

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EXO-K Lucky

Oh yeah mm yeah

같은 나라에 태어나서
gateun narae tae eonaseo
Being born in the same country

같은 언어로 말을 해서
gateun eoneoro mareul haeseo
Talking in the same language

참 행운이야
cham haengun iya
We’re so lucky

참 다행이야
cham dahaeng iya
it’s such a relief

세상에 당연한 건 없어
sesange dangyeonhan geon eobseo
Nothing is for certain in this world

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XOXO Cont’d

**Singing** XOXO XOXO XOXO yeah!


Oh come on, you know this is one of those feel good songs that makes you think of young high school love. Who hasn’t given or received messages ending in XOXO. You know these kind of messages. The ones that you secretly find in your locker or is handed to you in class.


**Sigh** Oh the fond memories……

But back to the song.

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轻轻吻着你的 X 叫 kiss
Qing qing wen zhe ni de X jiao kiss
Lightly kissing you X is called kiss

紧紧拥抱你的 O 叫 hug
Jin jin yong bao ni de O jiao hug
Tightly hugging you O is called hug

想说的话 或许你懂吧
Xiang shuo de hua huo xu ni dong ba
The words I want to say perhaps you already know

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Growl Cont’d

Ah, the song that MC’s always say is their favorite. Seriously, on every show they go on when MC’s and other celebrities are asked what their favorite EXO song is they always say 으르렁. Some have danced with them to it.

Some have sung with them.

We’ve even previously posted on Sunday Funday on our Tumblr about a dad doing the rap from Growl on * Singing Battle *. It has become their unofficial signature song.

I could go on and on but what I’m really here to do is talk about the music, not the reactions to and around the song. (Although maybe Admin Pisces and I can do an experiment at some point about that…) So let’s get into the music.

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