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Yin Yue Tai…….What was Yue doin’?

A: The things circulating around this awards show.

P: Where to even begin with this…? The day started off so well. The boys were so excited as were all of us for their 5th anniversary and I think we were all trying to make peace with the fact that Yixing couldn’t be there physically (though he certainly was in spirit)….and then this happened…

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EXO Hurt (傷害) Chinese Version

你在我身上 殘留的香味
ni zai wo shen shang can liu de xiang wei
The sweet scent you cruelly left on my body

讓失控雙腳 也臣服你的完美
rang shi kong shuang jiao ye chen fu ni de wan mei
Made me lose control of my own feet, and submit myself to your perfection

但我心裡面 火花般的記憶 卻化成煙在瞬間
dan wo xin li mian huo hua ban de ji yique hua cheng yan zai shun jian
But in my heart, memories like sparks of fire have turned into smoke in a blink

shen hu xi
Deep breaths

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HELLO! HOLA! BONJOUR! HALLO! CIAO! KAMUSTA! XIN CHÀO! 안녕하세요! 你好!こんにちは! สวัสดี! ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ! مرحبا! नमस्ते!

Welcome to our website! As of this moment we are officially online!! Hear at EXO-RhymeandReason we aim to unlock and penetrate your mind by approaching EXO and their music through what…..rhyme & reason 😉

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EXO El Dorado Chinese Version

Wǒ zuòle xiāngtóng de mèng
I had the same dream

zài kōngkuàng shāmò zhī zhōng
in an empty desert

zài yáoyuǎn jìntóu shì yīzuò
At the far end is a

yàoyǎn de chéngshì dàodá qián xiāoshī
dazzling city that vanishes before we get there

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