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11 Sweet Seconds with EXO-K!

Who doesn’t love that lighthearted jingle? It matches the vivacious, cheerful energy of EXO as we watch the shenanigans of each member. Certainly an enticing way to market an equally enticing product! If you have tried any of the Pepero flavors, comment below and tell us which one is your favorite! Or if you have a favorite CF, you can comment below too.



Credit: Facebook [Lotte]

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The power of Byun Baekhyun, EXO’s Eyeline [Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 2]


So I, Admin Aqua was minding my own business checking out a KDrama that was recommended to me and look who makes an appearance as a makeup inspiration?

That’s right, Byunnie B, our resident eyeliner and eye shadow specialist. I love these little references. The boys are everywhere!

Yin Yue Tai…….What was Yue doin’?

A: The things circulating around this awards show.

P: Where to even begin with this…? The day started off so well. The boys were so excited as were all of us for their 5th anniversary and I think we were all trying to make peace with the fact that Yixing couldn’t be there physically (though he certainly was in spirit)….and then this happened…

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HELLO! HOLA! BONJOUR! HALLO! CIAO! KAMUSTA! XIN CHÀO! 안녕하세요! 你好!こんにちは! สวัสดี! ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ! مرحبا! नमस्ते!

Welcome to our website! As of this moment we are officially online!! Hear at EXO-RhymeandReason we aim to unlock and penetrate your mind by approaching EXO and their music through what…..rhyme & reason 😉

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