Angel (Into Your World)

Angel seems to return to the romantic relationship discussed in What Is Love while retaining similar concepts to what was discussed in History.

It is an ethereal song. Not just in title but in sound and references such as the Garden of Eden, names of specific angels like the archangel Michael, wings, eternity, heaven, the fact that they are descending onto the plane where their love interest is.

Whereas in “What Is Love” EXO had just come upon their love interest and had yet to have a conversation with them…now EXO is speaking to their love interest face to face. This song almost seems like a preliminary confession though we are still only sure of EXO’s feelings and not their prospective love interest. It is straightforward and to the point.

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History Cont’d

On this lovely Tunesday we’re gonna get you moving. This song comes on and I immediately start moving. I mean they say “Imma shake it like that” so why shouldn’t I shake it as well. IJS…And who can forget the dance practice video….**smirk**

But seriously let’s take a look at the music in History.

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Happy Tunesday all!

Another powerful statement from EXO’s debut album is History. I LOVE this piece. I love all of them. (I will say that all the time. Please bear with me.)

Right off the bat you are ensnared by the energy of this piece due to its instrumentation and voicing. (Whenever this piece comes on while my playlist is on shuffle, I need to have a moment to dance. Sorry not sorry.)


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What Is Love? Cont’d

Oh this song, this song….The feels, the feels……


Okay, okay I’m back. Writing this post has been so hard. It’s difficult to try to stay objective with this song. While Admin Pisces gets “skin orgasms” I get those with the addition of “eargasms” listening to “What Is Love.” It is easy to get caught up in this song but then again that’s what composers want; for the listener to become connected to, enjoy, and get lost in their piece. I must say they certainly did their job in regards to “What Is Love.”

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EXO-M What Is Love?

Girl, I can’t explain what I feel
Oh baby my baby, baby, baby, baby

manchang de yitian fangfu
Long hectic days

jiu xiang duanzan yi miao de ganjue
pass by in seconds

mei tian du xiang shi wei ni xie xia de qingjie
Everyday just like writing a new story line for you

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EXO-K What Is Love?

Girl, I can’t explain what I feel
ooh yeah my baby, baby, baby, baby

하루가 마치 1분처럼 느껴지게 만들지
haruga machi ilbuncheoreom neukkyeojige mandeulji
Making a day feel like a minute

너만 있으면 영화 속의 주인공
neoman isseumyeon yeonghwa sogui juingong
With you, I’m the main character of a movie

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