EXO-K Wolf

촉이와 단번에 느껴
chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo
I get a feeling all at once, in one bite

널 한입에 치즈처럼 집어넣을테다
neol hanibe chijeuchoreom jibeoneoeulteda
I will put you in my mouth like cheese

향기맡고 색깔 음미하고
hyangimatgo, saekkal eumihago
I’ll smell your scent, enjoy your color

와인보다 우아하게 잡아먹을테다
wainboda wooahage jabameogeulteda
and eat you more elegantly than drinking wine

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Unfortunately I’m very distracted this week. So this lyric analysis has been put off for quite some time and probably won’t be as in depth and enthusiastic as the others….forgive me.


Also honestly whenever I think back to this new era and this particular song, I dread looking at the M/V because of Kai’s horrid hair styling. (I know that it’s long over and they haven’t styled his hair like that again, thank goodness. But I’m still bitter about that. I want to know who that stylist was that braided hair into the very ends of his hair. I want to know why he wasn’t washing his hair. I want to know why he was even chosen to wear that style. That was such a terrible styling choice. Not sorry.) Since Admin Aqua and I will be looking at the M/V later on I had to bring it up to explain why I’m kinda put off writing about this song.

However it helps me (just a tiny bit) to watch this video so I can even be motivated to work on this song.

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XOXO/Growl Repackage Album

“XOXO” is EXO’s first studio album that was released on June 3, 2013. EXO-K’s version was titled “Kiss” while EXO-M’s version was titled “Hug.” There were two singles; one from this album, “The Wolf and the Beauty” and one from the re-packaged album, “Growl.” Both of these singles placed within the top ten of the Gaon Singles Chart while “Growl” placed at No. 3 on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100. As the album sold over 1 million copies, it became one of the best selling albums in Korea since 2001.

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EXO-M Machine

Tā bīng lěng pí fū tòu míng xiàng shì cí qì
Her cold skin translucent like porcelain

她眨眼都有频率 她是否流着血液
Tā zhǎ yǎn dōu yǒu pín lǜ tā shì fǒu liú zhe xuè yè
she blinks with frequency, is she even human?

Huáng jīn bǐ lì chāo xiàn shí zhǔ yì
Unrealistically perfect proportions

都害怕为她定义 打败了人类的逻辑
Dōu hài pà wéi tā dìng yì dǎ bài le rén lèi de luó jí
no one dares to define her, she defies human logic

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EXO-K Machine

찔러도 피한방울 안나올듯
jjilleodo pihanbangul annaoldeut
I wouldn’t shed blood

완벽한 아름다움
wanbyeokhan areumdaum
A perfect beauty

꿈같은 황금비율
ggumgateun hwanggeumbiyul
A dream-like golden ratio

그녀의 싱그런 머릿결
geunyeoui singgeureon meoritgyeol
Her vibrant and fresh hair

대리석 같은 피부결
daeriseok gateun pibugyeol
Marble-like skin seems

초현실적인걸 ooh hoo
chohyeonsiljeogingeol ooh hoo
Surreal ooh hoo

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Whoa whoa wait a minute?! Where did the flowery heart fluttering poetic lines go?! It’s as if there was indeed a personality switch and not just from EXO!

With Machine you have the appearance of perhaps a new prospective love interest or a 360 personality switch of the same love interest. My bet is on the former.

From the description of her physical appearance this new prospective love interest is just as much alluring as she is lethal. She also appears unreal. Members’ lines at the beginning of the song ask if she’s a doll or if she can even breathe as she is so beautiful, she is so perfect. Hence the title itself “Machine.” She is a goddess…a word EXO will continue to use throughout their discography for some time to come. (**ahem ahem one can’t help but think of D.O.’s relevant line in Monster at this very moment**)


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Two Moon (ft. Key) Cont’d

Two Moons ft. Key from Shinee…

Excuse me for a minute……



There are a few EXO songs that make me want to dance but I don’t put them all in the same category. Maybe Admin Pisces and I should do a post one Tunesday about how we categorize EXO songs by our moods and reactions. That should be interesting.

Anyway, Two Moons ft. Key from Shinee…….

…………..**dramatic pause**………….

Shit….I can’t do this. **Throws in towel**



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Physical Transfiguration**

EXO-M Two Moons (ft. Key)

EXO, uh, EXO

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

你当然看不透空前的 miracle
Nǐ dāngrán kàn bù tòu kōngqián de miracle
Of course you don’t see, such a miracle

Zhè bùshì mèng bié zài wèn fàngkōng nǐ de tóu
it’s not a dream, stop asking, let your mind wander

你的思绪混乱 耐心 now be hold
Nǐ de sīxù hǔnluàn nàixīn now be hold
Your mind is muddled, patiently now behold

我怎么不想后悔莫及 so 请等候
Wǒ zěnme bùxiǎng hòuhuǐ mò jí so qǐng děnghòu
I don’t want any regrets so please wait

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EXO-K Two Moons (ft. Key)

EXO, uh, EXO

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

오늘에야 기어코 보지못한 miracle
oneureya gieoko bojimotan miracle
Today, I couldn’t still see that miracle

실제상황 더 이상 묻지마 꿈이냐고
siljesanghwang deo isang mudjima gguminyago
Don’t ask if this is a dream anymore

기다려 애태워 시간이 가까워
gidaryeo aetaewo sigani gakkawo
Wait for it, fuss about it, the time is nearing

지나치기엔 오늘밤은 더욱 아까워
jinachigien oneulbameun deouk akkawo
It’s too wasteful to just pass this by tonight

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