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Admins Aqua and Pisces here!

In the interest of continuing to provide you with Otherworldly Multi-Sensory Transfiguration, Admin Aqua has created a themed series of specific posts we will be featuring here on EXO Rhyme and Reason as we did on our Tumblr blog. Speaking of which, you can find our older posts HERE.

Our schedule (that we will do our best to stick to) is as follows:

  • Sunday Funday; where we will share the sillier side of EXO with quirky bloopers and other cute/funny moments. We’ll also feature fan artists each week at this time.
  • Marketing Mondays; where we will highlight the many businesses and goods that EXO promotes (Admin Pisces-I am slightly cringing again Aqua at the memory of that Sketchers Ad. Admin Aqua-**Covers eyes and ears** I do not recall any of what you speak of. No, I’m not in denial.)
  • Tunesday;  You can now look forward to exactly when to expect our music discussions about EXO’s discography, features and solo projects.
  • Woke Wednesday; is the day that we may hurt some feelings with our blunt unpopular opinions. But y’all will be alright.
  • Throwback Thursday; this is exactly what it claims to be. Blasts from the past of EXO pre-debut to the present.
  • Fashion Friday; where we will spotlight the best of each member of EXO’s modeling and fashion moments. (Admin Pisces-Sure to become a favorite of mine. Though I really do love them all Aqua!)
  • Silver Screen Saturday; be ready with popcorn and nachos with cheeeeese sauce for our discussions about these starlets. (Admin Aqua-They’ll need some tissue, too.)

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