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EXO TOURGRAM – EXO’s New VLive Program!

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Source: Toff 传说

As we came down from the high that was EXO’rDium in North America Tour, who can forget the stories of EXOLs spotting EXO members while they were still on tour or even after we expected members to be back home in South Korea?! And now we know why!

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The Founding of an Army

Admin Pisces cannot wait for this movie! (Airing one day before her birthday?! At least according to one poster?! YESSSS!!) Plus Lay will finally be in a different role (a little closer to the “killer” role he talked about…) while also taking part in commemorating the anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army of China. So we’ll be learning some history while also possibly getting a slight onscreen reunion with Luhan? What more could an EXO-L ask for?! Tickets, popcorn and nachos with cheeeeeeeeese sauce please?! (Waiting patiently for the trailer…)

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