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We want YOU to join EXO-RhymeandReason!

Hello dear readers & fellow EXO-Ls!

Your Admins Aqua & Pisces are proud to announce that we are officially seeking new Moderators for our growing fansite, EXO-RhymeandReason.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with more questions as you consider applying for a position.

Apply here.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Best of luck to all who apply!

-Admin Aqua & Pisces-


“Everyone else is doing it, so we will too”

In the initial excitement of EXO’s grand unveiling of their new promotional social media accounts, it was made known by many news outlets that there was twitter activity showing up on a trendsmap in North Korea.

While it may have appeared to be a worthy piece of news to report, your Admins would like to explain why we feel it was dangerous for our fellow EXOLs.

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Kai, we love you. Please read this message. Black KPop stans this is for you too.

*Upon reading the entire thread*

Pisces: Mmmk now I need to send a letter today, this week, last year, when Wolf first dropped. My stomach dropped earlier before I read this & I felt nauseous. Now I know why.

Aqua: This seriously hurt my heart. I need to watch the video. I need to see it for myself. Also, it’s sad that we have to rely on translations from others who aren’t exactly vetted. I need to learn the language.

Pisces: Same.

Aqua: He’s about to get a lot of backlash now. At 1st we defended him because we thought it was the stylist’s decision but now… We have to say something and there are no excuses that are acceptable.

Pisces: No one should excuse it. If he is looking for our responses, then he is willing to hear what we have to say. Just needs to be good avenue to reach him. He watched the reaction videos. So he wants to know what aeris think. The fact that he keeps mentioning his hair shows that he knows it may potentially upset ppl like the first time. I will hold him accountable as I do everyone else.

Aqua: The Wolf era hairstyle ppl just didn’t like it. He needs to hear the REAL reason why ppl are upset

Pisces: Yes he does. He is willing to hear it

Aqua: Another thing I wonder about is what are they watching and reading? Something about the backlash other idols have gotten about this should pop up.

At least this time he had the name of the hairstyle right…

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Coming Soon: The New Era of EXO, The War [KoKoBop]

To our dear readers, please forgive us for delay in updates! As we all know there has been a lot happening for our fandom and members recently.

Our much anticipated summer date has finally arrived! In a couple of hours EXO will formally debut their fourth studio album digitally and on July 19th the album will also be released physically. Already EXO has accomplished and exceeded 800k preorders, surpassing their own record accomplished last year of EX’ACT’s 660k preorders. This feat makes The War the most preordered K-Pop album of all time.

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We Are One: 1st Annual EXO-L Concert Marathon Watch Party

In honor of The EXO’rDIUM [dot] we’re watching all three EXOPlanet concert tours live on Instagram. Continue reading We Are One: 1st Annual EXO-L Concert Marathon Watch Party

Ah the concert nostalgia…

Your admins are currently looking for the live stream of EXO’rDium in Newark! It is such a bittersweet feeling to remember being there in Newark last year for EXO’s first North American tour while being unable to be there once again for this concert this year. Hopefully we will be able to tune into a live stream (try Periscope for anyone else who is interested!) and enjoy it with all of the EXO-L’s attending (live/streaming!)

-Happy Streaming!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

Apologies for the delay!

Hello Dear Readers!

We apologize for the delay in posts for Tunesday and Woke Wednesday. Life is…..happening for lack of a better word for your Admins. We hope to be able to catch up to our regular schedule shortly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the schedule thus far.

Feel free to let us know!

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HELLO! HOLA! BONJOUR! HALLO! CIAO! KAMUSTA! XIN CHÀO! 안녕하세요! 你好!こんにちは! สวัสดี! ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ! مرحبا! नमस्ते!

Welcome to our website! As of this moment we are officially online!! Hear at EXO-RhymeandReason we aim to unlock and penetrate your mind by approaching EXO and their music through what…..rhyme & reason 😉

-Admins Aqua & Pisces-

** Experience Otherworldly Multi-Sensory Transfiguration **

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*All previous posts were discography transfers from our tumblr page.