Happy Birthday Chanyeol!!!


Happy birthday to our brilliant Chanyeol

• in our 6th EXO millennium •
• Autumn •
Today is yours, our dear Chanyeol. Today we congratulate you on your 26th birthday! We are once again so proud of you. We are so proud of what you have accomplished this year in your current solo and group endeavors. The accolades you’ve received are well deserved and we look forward to your continuing success in the new year.
Dear Chanyeol, our gifted, compassionate, magnetic giant in not only stature but of heart, artistic and intellectual depth. “Your heart is in everything that you do and in everything that we see.” Surrounding you is the ardent fire of creation, and possibility. Your artistic repertoire is vast, and uninhibited. And that is mirrored in the way you engage in friendship with your members and your Eris.
A truly deep feeling soul, you spare no expense when it comes to the happiness and fulfillment of those dearest to you. Your example of unreserved, pure love and support is estimable. In this precious season, in which you were born, of giving in the hopes of conveying true human connection through honest, benevolent deeds, we strive to honor your example of profound openhearted kindness.
May we honor you by believing in the goodness not only of others but also of ourselves. Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. May you continue to be blessed in this new year and may you also be blessed with many more bountiful years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health.

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