Seoul Music Awards 2018 + Golden Disk Awards 2018 = Daesang Season is upon us once again!

Hello Dear EXO-Ls,

We hope you enjoyed a slight rest after our intense MAMA voting this year. (A slight rest because there are ongoing efforts underway on many voting applications for our dear members. *Ahem* INTERPARK amongst many, many others.)

As 2017 comes to a close, and we look forward to the new year in 2018, we can now refocus our hopeful efforts on ringing in the new year with EXO achieving victories at both the 27th Annual Seoul Music Awards and the 32nd Annual Golden Disk Awards.

It requires our continued dedication to make this possible EXO-Ls.

Both organizations have recently made announcements that K-Pop stans will only be able to vote for popularity awards. Online voting will no longer be considered for Golden Disk Award Daesangs, Bonsangs, and Rookie Awards as both organizations wish to focus on sales and trends.

EXO is nominated for Daesangs, Bongsangs, and K-wave Category/Popularity Awards at both the Seoul Music Awards, and Golden Disk Awards.

We will provide you with links to downloading the voting applications available on both Android and iOS for voting for SMA and GDA. We will also provide you with ticketing information if you are interested in attending the ceremony as well.

Please do your best to support EXO.

Our war is not yet won. Our battle is not yet over.

Please also support EXO in pre-ordering their winter album set to be released 171221 and their first full Japanese album, COUNTDOWN set to be released 181024. Sales for The War & the Winter Album will also count towards overall criteria for awards EXO is up for in the 2018 award season.



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EXO-L Fighting!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces

(Also if you’re interested in voting tutorials, please let us know.)






27th Annual Seoul Music Awards

Ceremony Date – January 25, 2018

Location – Gocheok Sky Dome

Ticketing (Please purchase tickets here. Only 100 will be sold through this site.)

Voting Time Frame: Dec 11 (12PM KST) – Jan 22 (12AM KST)


Android Links:









32nd Annual Golden Disk Awards

Ceremony Date – January 10, 2018

Location – Korean International Exhibition Center, Goyang, South Korea

Voting Time Frame: December 11 (2PM KST) – January 5 (12AM KST)


Android & IOS link:
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