EXO is the #Universe

Who else cannot wait to sip a cosmic latte while listening to EXO’s 6th studio EP this winter?

While the EP is set to be released on December 21st at 6PM KST, we have now begun to see teasers featuring our members serving fresh angles in their very own intergalactic coffee shop.




During their most recent EXO-K Pepero fansign this past Monday December 10th, members Baekhyun and D.O. revealed that they both enjoyed the title track of “Universe” and even gave us hints to understand it’s concept. They both stated that the title track will remind EXO-Ls of “Miracles in Decemeber” and “For Life.”

It was also revealed that Chen participated in writing lyrics for pop ballad “Lights Out” making that the fifth song Chen has contributed to on an EXO album.

[What is also interesting to note from the track listing is that “Universe” is the only track included on this EP with a Chinese version.]

💫Chinese version Universe
💫지나갈테니 Been Through
💫Good Night
💫Lights Out

We cannot wait to hear the rumored rock ballad as well as the accompanying tracks featured on this EP! Make sure you preorder your copy before the week is out! Special gifts are only available on a first come, first basis & as such are only available for a limited time! Don’t miss out!

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*All photos are from official IG account