EXOLs all over the world + 30 Million YouTube views = ??????

Since the release of KoKoBop on SM’s official YouTube Channel on July 18, 2017, EXOLs all over the world have come together to stream! Not only to our hearts’ content but for the prosperity and success of EXO as we prepare for this year’s award season. EXO is up against some tough competitors and the battle has not been easy. While we continue to soar with physical sales (a QUADRUPLE MILLION SELLER post will be out to commemorate this achievement shortly) we also need to pay special attention to our YouTube views while also streaming The War album on sites like MelOn, Genie, Naver, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

EXOLs have been taking these tasks seriously nonetheless as evidenced by our most recent gift from SM. Due to our tremendous collective efforts in streaming KoKoBop on YouTube we met the challenge dictated to us by SM Entertainment of amassing 30 Million Views!! (Uploaded August 3, 2017)

And our consolation prize?! A well lit, aesthetically, visually, and aurally pleasing dance practice video of The Eve! (The new studio is absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think!)








Did you survive?

How many times did you watch? Haha

So all in all, what have we learned here EXOLs? Taking into consideration that we all have responsibilities and lives outside of the fandom….doing whatever you can and when you can even if it’s just streaming KoKoBop can lead to awe-inspiring rewards, yes?

So no matter what just go for it!


Are you looking forward to what our reward for hitting 50 Million Views now?

We are too!

Stream to find out!