The healing heart of Zhang Yixing

This is near and dear to my heart as I am a music teacher that works with children who have Autism as well as many other children and adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. It means everything to me as an EXOL, as an Aeri, as a Xingmi, and as a human being to see that my idol is purposeful and sincere in his effort to bring awareness and care to this population. Admin Aqua and I always talk about how incredible it is that all of the members remain humble and kind despite the level of success they have achieved. Whether the fan they are meeting isn’t young or old, man or woman. You constantly hear and see members of the general public who meet EXO complimenting them on their manners and their genuine down to Earth personalities. Maybe that doesn’t mean very much to others but in a world that can be just as toxic as it can be beautiful, I am sincerely happy to see that Yixing takes part in creating beauty and giving love and support to others. He doesn’t do it for the cameras. I’m sure we all found out about his recent donation in effort to support those who suffered losses during the recent flooding in Hunan and that Yixing was quite flustered that the amount he donated privately was revealed. That says so much about the the type of person he is. This is the type of person I want to support for all the years to come.

Credit: Layshands