EXO TOURGRAM – EXO’s New VLive Program!

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Source: Toff 传说

As we came down from the high that was EXO’rDium in North America Tour, who can forget the stories of EXOLs spotting EXO members while they were still on tour or even after we expected members to be back home in South Korea?! And now we know why!


Source: exo, my one & only


31F20138-6F43-4A33-9D76-E7FE41C70B88-2232-00000310D2ECC090Source: 준면 수호 ‘-‘

Stay tuned for more details about the new show and be sure to grab a few more coins on VApp in order to watch the upcoming episodes! (Yes you can always just wait for a kind EXOL to upload the episodes too)

For your reference here is Admin Pisces’ current coin count and an example of her last purchase so you can have an idea of about how much it may cost to get EXO TOURGRAM on VLIVE+ (Again this is only meant to be a reference. We don’t know yet how much this will cost.)



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