2012 meets 2017. Can you spot the difference? Neither can we!

Simply put, some things never change and we’re so glad that that’s true.

Not only for Baekhyun but for every EXO member, their enthusiasm when interacting with and their honest love for aeris is enough to bring tears to our eyes…yes we’re being sappy on purpose.

Its been a very tough comeback what with trying to maintain chart positions and voting efforts and streaming pace and in aiming to achieve even newer heights of success. We must realize now that EXO foresaw the adversity we faced EXOLs. Though Baekhyun usually means to make us laugh, his intent was actually quite serious though it at first appeared unassuming when he emphatically blurted out “we will be back soon! Wait for us! Don’t cheat on us.”

They know that we cherish the moments we get to meet with them like this (even us IEXOLs who meet them vicariously through photos, fan cams, live Periscopes, old uploaded subtitled recordings on YouTube and even in unsubtitled live broadcasts on VLIVE.) And isn’t heartwarming to see this expression on Baekhyun’s face considering all the work we’re doing? It truly makes us feel as one to see that the same level of admiration and appreciation is mutual and reflected on his face so openly, don’t you think EXOLs?

Credit: @bubblemyB