The Founding of An Army

Initially released last month on July 28th, the Founding of an Army is the third installment of the film trilogy “The Founding of New China” and was released to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Liberation Army.

It has come to our attention that both the film and its director, Andrew Lau received many critical reviews from film critics and members of the general public for the direction that the film took. Your Admins will have to do a review of the film once we have seen it and read more into the history of the People’s Liberation Army to understand the perspective of the critiques. But even without doing so, one must take into consideration that the events discussed in this film are sensitive because it is part of the identity of this nation and their citizens. People gave their lives for the advancement of their country and their future generations. And people deserve to have that story told as truthfully and honestly as possible.

Hollywood Reporter

However we would still like to highlight Lay’s involvement in the film as it was a new opportunity for him that he appeared to feel confident in and saw as a great honor to be part of.

All video credit: Layshands


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