Coming Soon: The New Era of EXO, The War [KoKoBop]

To our dear readers, please forgive us for delay in updates! As we all know there has been a lot happening for our fandom and members recently.

Our much anticipated summer date has finally arrived! In a couple of hours EXO will formally debut their fourth studio album digitally and on July 19th the album will also be released physically. Already EXO has accomplished and exceeded 800k preorders, surpassing their own record accomplished last year of EX’ACT’s 660k preorders. This feat makes The War the most preordered K-Pop album of all time.


This album holds special significance to the members as Chanyeol, Chen and Baekhyun all contributed to authorship of three of the songs on their newest album; Chen also wrote lyrics exclusively for “Touch It” while Chanyeol wrote lyrics for “Chill.” All three members wrote lyrics for the title song “KoKoBop.”

There are so many more details we would like to divest especially after the press conference earlier this morning, however our efforts must focus on continuing to support EXO’s initial release of this album.

We promise to fully update you in just a couple of hours (your Admins will also be streaming and may update during EXO’s live comeback broadcast) but for now we would like you to pay special attention to what’s most important:

  • Streaming – Creating a MelOn ID, NAVER account, Premium Spotify account, an iTunes account, etc in order to stream digitally. While EXO ALWAYS dominates physical sales, we can do a much better job digitally. If you’d like more information please see the tweets we’ve included below.

  • Physical album orders – Just because the preorder phase has ended does not mean that our job is done EXOLs! If you hadn’t already, please be sure to order an album from one of the sites listed below. Gift a friend! Our goal is to blow EXO’s sales up prior to the repackage.

  • MV Streaming – We need to also pay special attention to our YouTube views EXOLs. When the official MV is released, please make sure to like and give hearts on VApp & other sites. Please do NOT reupload the MV anywhere. When we reupload the MV and watch it through other sites, EXO’s MV does not receive the views and our efforts are lost. If you would like to repost the link and share it with others, please do!

  • Have fun, be positive! – There has been a strong resurgence in fanwars in the last couple of weeks leading up to EXO’s Grand Comeback. This is something we will address this coming Woke Wednesday. Regardless of negative thoughts and behaviors perpetrated by those outside of our fandom, please remain positive. It is ok to voice your frustration and annoyance, but don’t let it consume you so much to the point that you get away from the music that we’re all supposed to be enjoying. Let’s stay focused on EXO. We can set the record straight with our efforts alone!

  • Have fun, be positive! – News of Lay’s absence during this comeback has certainly been heartbreaking for us all, EXO first and foremost. But we must give our best and show Lay show support during this comeback (make sure to buy Lay’s upcoming album, stream his show Go Fighting Season 3 & watch his upcoming film The Founding of an Army!) One for all, all for one! We Are One!

Happy listening EXOLs! Happy Tunesday! Welcome to the new Era of EXO!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-