To be an EXOL…「a deeper discussion」

「Can we actively pray/take a moment to think about EXO’s happiness, safety and health daily? Not for our own personal gain. And let’s acknowledge the reality that they must have so many worries just like the rest of us. Let’s really be thoughtful EXOLs. And while we think about our dear members…let’s also pray for/take a moment to think about everyone in our fandom. Let’s think about our fellow EXOLs happiness, safety and health as well. So much is happening in this world and if we truly are a “family.” Then let’s really be one. Let’s bring in a new era for EXO & EXOL with

-Admin Pisces」

Admin Aqua: You know, I think they would upload some of the things they post on IG if they had girlfriends

Admin Aqua: Or like when Baek was bored a few nights within the same week and hopped on V Live

Admin Pisces: Yes

Admin Pisces: The age old concern for those that truly wonder😔

Admin Aqua: Sometimes I worry about them in that respect. Especially Seokie. They’re at that age when you start looking to see what’s it there in regards to “wife material.”
Admin Aqua: The same could be said in reverse. Just look at how many fans show up with mirrors talking about “let me show you my boyfriend” or in some type of bridal wear. Let alone seriously get in their feelings when a member is RUMORED to be in a relationship.
Admin Aqua: They use the guys as placeholders too

Admin Aqua: It’s a touchy subject but as a fandom we really need to take a good look at ourselves

Admin Pisces: Yes

Admin Aqua: Honestly what’s so horrible about then getting into relationships? Especially when quite a few EXOLs comment about having boyfriends and them buying tickets for them as a gift

Admin Pisces: Not sure. Guess it destroys the fantasy for some. Not willing to part with their personal dream

Admin Aqua: The guys (mostly Baekhyun) do play it up tho. “Don’t cheat on us” indeed….

Admin Pisces: It starts to make you wonder sometimes if we are all actually hoping for the members’ sincere happiness or if some are hoping that they’ll actually marry the members? It’s an unrealistic desire to be honest simply because…what is the perceived “romantic” attraction based on? (And we cannot ignore that we are all truly one in a million, 4 million to be ex’act.) Yes we have an adoration based on years of stanning and even an admiration based on what is read/translated in interviews….but we are not there in the crucial moments…and attraction and a deep love is not simply based on physical desire or superficial conversations. It’s based on actual deep, raw experiences. Not ones that we have imagined and perhaps even written about for fan fic purposes (your Admin is guilty of being an author of quite a few scenarios/stories like this.)