This week in EXO’s History….

June 8 

  • The End of an Era – On June 6, 2014 SM Entertainment announced that EXO’s final performance of “Overdose” will be on SBS “Inkigayo” to air on June 8. (Source)
  • The Birth of EXOMentary – EXO will be making a comeback on the upcoming 9th of June with their 3rd full official album. it will be 6 months since they released an album – sing for you -, a winter special mini album released in December last year. EXO will also be doing a massive showcase on June 8th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Also, SM Entertainment previously revealed their plans to work with Naver for EXO’s comeback. EXO plans on showing previously unseen sides to themselves through platforms arranged by Naver. The group’s promotions include plans to air the members’ daily lives all throughout the month of June through the new Naver V Live+ broadcast as well as other various content. (Source)
  • Comments from our Leader Suho – On June 6, during a personal broadcast he held through V Live+, EXO’s Suho talks about how it’s hard not to worry about how the public will react to their newest release. While talking about EXO’s upcoming comeback, the singer reveals how they will present a more extreme concept, as well as two title tracks, because it’s been a long time since they’ve had a proper comeback. Although EXO has released special albums since then, it has been about a year since the release of their last full-length album. He also confesses, “I’m always afraid every time we make a comeback. I know there are fans who believe in us and patiently wait for us, but as singers and performers, we feel like we should show something new and different. However, if it’s too different, then people might criticize us and say, “This isn’t EXO’s style.” On the other hand, if we keep on releasing only similar [music], then people might think we’re just doing the same thing over and over again.” (Source)
  • The Beginning of a New Era – “On June 7, 2016, it was revealed that notable music producers including Kenzie, The Stereotypes and Dem Jointz participated in the production of the album, and member Chanyeol co-wrote the lyrics for the track “Heaven”. A promotional showcase for Ex’Act was held at Olympic Hall, Seoul on June 8, 2016. Ex’Act and the music videos for its singles were released on June 9. EXO began performing the album’s singles on South Korean music television programs on June 9. Prior to its release, Ex’Act received a record-breaking pre-order by retail outlets of over 660,000 physical copies.” (Source)


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