EXOLs are incredible and don’t you forget it!


Earlier on today in the Twitterverse, your Admin Aqua came across this thread inspired by a fellow KPop fan trying to insinuate that EXOLs in particular are not the brightest of the KPop fan bunch. Definitely take a look at the thread to see the many accomplishments of our fellow EXOLs (Your admins were actually well into the last year of our graduate studies when Admin Pisces joined the fandom and introduced Admin Aqua to EXO.) Our boys encourage us to be great all the time and also set the example as Chen and Xiumin have recently done. Many a time our dear boys have reminded us that as much as they appreciate our love and unwavering support, we also need to focus on our future success as well by staying in school and going to work (and not blowing off other responsibilities for EXO or blowing our entire paycheck/allowance on them.) It gives your admins pride to see that there are fellow EXOLs among us who are just as dedicated to their dreams as they are to helping EXO accomplish theirs. We’re an incredible family, aren’t we?

EXO x EXOL making history and taking the world by storm!

Try as you might but our boys said it first “You can’t bring -us- down!”

-Your Admins Aqua x Pisces

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