The unity of EXO-Ls really creates something magical!

Source:  e)(o global

Reporting slightly from the future, e)(o global tweeted this message that we sincerely support! If any of our dear readers are attending please go by the food truck and spend time with our fellow lovely EXO-Ls celebrating the end of what has been a glorious tour put on by our dearest EXO. Please continue to help and donate so that others may enjoy this wonderful project throughout every day of EXO’rDIUM Dot. This project was able to accomplish a collection $1,000 which will go towards the first day of EXO’rDIUM Dot in Seoul’s food truck within the first 24 hours of posting!

Enjoy EXO’r’DIUM Dot in Seoul everyone #WithLoveIEXOLs! To many more years with EXO and EXO-Ls!

Updated: 5/18/2017