Changsha’s Little Pride, Our Zhang Yixing!


Who else doesn’t love to hear about Lay being lauded as he is in this interview with Teacher Song Siheng. “I believe that (Zhang) Yixing is person who pursues perfection for everything….he needed a good pianist for the song he composed….” Mr. Song was so impressed with Lay’s own composition of “Prayer,” an OST for his currently airing drama “Operation Love” on Dragon TV that he thought “Yixing was from a music academy…” That not only is he handsome but he is talented as well.

“Because, you know, many people can compose very complicated pieces but to compose a melody that can make one feel touched at the first moment…this requires very special talent.”

“Usually, us, for example, musicians, we have many performances, would be quite busy Zhang Yixing is even more busy. Everyday I see that he travels everywhere, very busy with his schedules with such a “long distance” piano. This turns working together over the air/in different places into a possibility….”

All in all, Lay has won yet another professional admirer and hopefully another future collaboration project!

As expected of our diligent, talented and passionate Zhang Yixing!


Lay’s interview with Tencent at Operation Love Press Con (little bit of a Tunesday/Silver Screen Saturday mix!)

Source: Layshands