Congratulations D.O.!!!

Source: EXO-L USA (Global)

KStar Live and Soompi report:

The idol is going to be featured in famous Korean director Kang Hyungchul’s new film, ‘Swing Kids.’ On a recent interview on May 10th, he stated, “The moment I saw Do Kyungsoo, it was like he had come straight out of the movie scenario. It was to the extent that it made you wonder if Do Kyungsoo had walked down this path because he was meant to star in this movie.”

The director then explained further, “‘Swings Kids’ is a dance film, which is rare in Korea. In addition to being able to act, (the lead) must be able to visually look like he is past boyhood but not yet a young man, and at the same time, he has to be able to dance well. In that respect, he is a fated choice.”
When asked whether he knows well about Kyungsoo, Hyungchul stated, “I did not even know that he was an idol. I didn’t bother to split-hairs about newcomers or established names, I only judged who was best for the part.” He added, “The bigger the scale of the film, the more you need ensure you cast the actor best suited for the role. From the moment I met Do Kyungsoo, I was sure beyond any doubt.”

‘Swing Kids’ is Hyungchul first new film in three years, since ‘Tazza: Hidden Card’ and it tells the story of North Korean prison camp during the Korean War. D.O’s character, Ro Kisoo, is a young North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing even in that dour and chaotic setting. It is based off of a much loved musical.”

Who else isn’t beyond excited?!?!

Rise D.O.!!!!

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