iHeart Radio Interview with EXO and Ellie Lee

Source: iHeartRadio

So much can happen in 7 minutes….only EXO.

-Admin Reaction-

Pisces: More importantly the iheart radio interview is out!

Aqua: Yeah I watched it. They trolled her the entire interview.

Pisces: Hilarious!

Aqua: Baek talking about “White, because it’s at the point were we can put any color on it”

She was comfortable and awkward at the same time

Pisces: She really was. It was funny

Aqua: Her vibe was a little weird to me

Jongin was just cracking up the whole time and so was I. Them boys are fools man

Pisces (currently watching the interview): Baekhyun was ready to get her when she asked about the color. Dae was really killing me

She was so awkward it was so funny

She really thought she got something but she should have known they were about to get her with Junmyeon, Jongdae and Chanyeol playing into it right in front of her

So dead 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Baekhyun ╥﹏╥ ╥﹏╥ ╥﹏╥ ╥﹏╥

Seokie is me!!!!!! The whole time 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

Why did she admit to going to Korea for the first time to them….MISTAKE!!! The way she said it too

The moment where they talked about Asian fans being shy…yikes. Not sure that’s something USA fans should be “proud” of….maybe we’re a little too forward?

Aqua: And the underwear being thrown

And Junmyeon dancing to Single Ladies!!!! Of course he knows the moves as he is a girl groups/artists lover

She completely missed that they were messing with her that whole time. Beagles 1 & 3 imitating her and making sly remarks. Man, see this is why I like them.

Pisces: Jongin bursting out in laughter when Junmyeon said “don’t be shy” “accept the challenge” me too!!

I’m mad she said in English tho!!

They really looked like “it’s too late for this kind of interview…if you really want to talk to us about our impressions and for us to be more candid….it really ain’t gonna happen…we’re going to remain mysterious…”

Aqua: Chanyeol’s plug talking about Far East Movement….

Pisces: Amen! (The way he enunciated it though….like “don’t you know them…?”

Aqua: So much happened in those 7 minutes but that’s EXO for you

Pisces: I love it

Aqua: Another thing I wanted to say is… They called this an exclusive interview but they didn’t say anything that the fans didn’t already know.  Yeah, we got great comedic material but no new information. So how was that exclusive? Have they seen/read their other interviews?

This says it all…


exo reaction

Source: exosvisual 

If you haven’t watched the video already…please do yourself a favor and watch it. There are so many hilarious moments in here. So many classic comedic “nuggets” that are characteristic of the one and only EXO whom we adore so much. Your admins haven’t had a good laugh like this in quite some time. Seriously…you’ll have to stop the video multiple times and rewind because yes they really did just say and DO that. (We haven’t had quality entertainment this good since EXO Showtime….where is Season Two?!?! Please include footage like this!!)


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