SBS’s “Laughing Legend Match (웃찾사 레전드 매치)”

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There are so many words I personally would like to have for whomever thought this skit was appropriate. It is unfortunate and completely disrespectful that this was considered funny. It is unfortunate for darker skinned people of South Korea and the greater Asian diaspora and it is unfortunate for darker skinned people of other lands to witness this misrepresentation and mockery. The headdress, the cabbage leaf skirt, painted big lips, the animal print crop top pulled over the long sleeve shirt and long pants dark brown skin tone combination, the beaded braids, and the hyper pigmentation of the skin using makeup is obviously meant to taunt darker skinned people of Native/Indigenous American descent, Polynesian descent and African American descent and of the greater African diaspora. In the Buzzfeed article that followed (had to read the article instead of watching the video because no one wants to see nonsense like that) it was made known that the character danced to the “Circle of Life”….how much more obviously condescending can you be?

The official statement issued from SBS was also reported in the Buzzfeed article.

Lee Jung-hyun, a reporter from SBS TV, said “I apologize for the inconvenience to the viewers because I could not carefully review the contents, the crew made an entry and immediately removed the clip (video) from online, and I will make sure that the problem does not recur in the future.”

But what they don’t understand and what many people fail to understand is that all is not open for mockery for the sake of comedy. Especially not when darker skinned people remain in an oppressive white supremacist system. Your lack of care and supervision proves that while you look to Black America and the pop music produced by individuals in Black America in particular for inspiration for your entertainment industry, you do not care about their humanity nor their dignity. The same can also be said for Native American and Polynesian people who were also disgraced by this skit. It is unacceptable that in this day in time when we have access to information about people of the world that we would lump cultures together for giggles and parade caricatures of these cultures around for all the world to see. How dare you give such a half assed apology? How dare you sample and erroneously mish-mash together stereotypes and concepts from cultures the world over and yet desire respect from the same world? How can you ask for people to take your company seriously and to have an interest in what you have to offer when you offer nothing but blatant disrespect that we already experience within our own respective countries?

You can do better in the future by remembering that we the people of the world will call you on your mistakes until you make it right. It is only fair. I would ask the same if the mockery was being perpetrated the other way around. It is time that we stop being lazy and continue to rely on tired stereotypes that are meant to dehumanize others. We cannot continue to move into the next century with this sort of ignorance on display. I refuse. And clearly so do many people whose Tweets were sampled for the Buzzfeed article.

We will be watching.

-Admin Pisces-