Apologies for the delay!

Hello Dear Readers!

We apologize for the delay in posts for Tunesday and Woke Wednesday. Life is…..happening for lack of a better word for your Admins. We hope to be able to catch up to our regular schedule shortly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the schedule thus far.

Feel free to let us know!

In the meantime, please keep streaming:

Baekhyun’s “Take You Home”

Baekhyun + Soyou’s “Rain”

Suho’s “Curtain”

Suho’s “Starlight” 

Chanyeol + Punch’s “Stay With Me”

Lay’s “Lose Control”

Lay’s “what U need?”

Chen + Dynamic Duo’s “Nosedive” 

Chen’s “I’m Not Okay”


Also…we really slept on “Coming Over” y’all…we’ll talk about the album later in our future Tunesday discussions but wow…(Admin Pisces has been listening to it as her form of “caffeine” to get to work in the morning and to get going when she feels sleepy in the afternoon lol) Stream everything! Lol


Happy Listening Everyone!

-Your Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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