Hurt Cont’d

Today we enter a world of pain, longing and confusion. Based on their discography, I’m seriously starting to question their taste in women. {The composers, not the guys.} Once again, the poor guys can never catch a break.

**Warning: A solely aural based music discussion.

From the beginning the listener is given clues as to the possible subject of this song (without looking at the title of course). How fitting that in the introduction of “Hurt” we’re graced with the strains of carousel music.

These guys have been on quite the ride with this love interest. This introduction conveys that in a simple way. Choosing music that is easily recognizable from childhood.

But it’s not just carousel music, it’s a waltz. Which brings to this Admin’s mind the balls of old. You know the ones nobility would have. Most notably, the masquerades.

She’s been taking them on a merry dance round and round the dance floor of their relationship (whatever it truly is…). As Pisces mentioned in her analysis of the lyrics, the questions “who is she really?”, “when will she let me in? and “how does she really feel?” have been plaguing them. Not only is she leading them in this dance but her mask is firmly in place throughout the entirety of it, only allowing certain features to be shown. Will she take it off at the end of the night?

Image result for venetian mask

This music abruptly gives way to a bass heavy beat, click track and electronic drum kit. after serving its purpose. With the entry of the chorus an added electronic sound is added. It seems like the beginning of the agitation and confusion. It is only heard during the chorus as the second verse’s instrumentation is identical to that of the first verse.

The true moment of pain and confusion comes right before the bridge. The music goes “haywire” (well as haywire can be expected from a structured work of music). You hear “Oh Oh” signaling the section as a wail of frustration. Notice that the music in this section is always going in a downward motion.

In the next moment they are singing



단 한번만 날 찾아줘
dan hanbeonman nal chajajwo
Find me just once,


얼마나 원하는지 알잖아
eolmana wonhaneunji aljanha
you know how much I want you


희미한 네 모습보다, 저 짙은 밤보다
huimihan ne moseupboda, jeo jiteun bamboda
More than your faint image, more than the thick night

나 혼자인 게 두려워져 Uh!
na honjain ge duryeowojyeo Uh!
I’m afraid of being alone


能不能夠 為我回頭
neng bu neng gou wei wo hui tou
Can you turn back for me

你明知 我的愛已收不回
ni ming zhi wo de ai yi shou bu hui
You already know, my love cannot be taken back

比起你 模糊的身影 和漆黑的晚上
bi qi ni mo hu de shen ying he qi hei de wan shang
Comparing your blurry shadow and the pitch black night

我更怕 一個人被留下
wo geng pa yi ge ren bei liu xia
I’m more afraid of being left alone

Commercial Break: Can we just talk about how interesting it is that Baekhyun is the one saying that he doesn’t like being alone in the Korean version and he stated recently during the SM Super Celeb League that he doesn’t like being alone? That is perfect line delegation at its finest. Having someone who truly feels that way to sing the line.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…..

This intense confession comes after the moment of bewilderment about their relationship and their love interest true nature. They want the dance to stop, the masquerade to end and the mask to come off. They don’t want this to be simply a dreamlike fantasy that slips into the “thick” “pitch black night.”

This sentiment is mirrored in the vocals as well. Some of the inflections in the voice written into the melody and harmonies are indicative of the mental and physical situation set forth in the lyrics. For example, in the chorus when they say


You hurt me

So bad, so bad

You hurt me

So bad, so bad


You hurt me

So bad, so bad

You hurt me

So bad, so bad

The way the harmonies scoop upward on “You” and the beginning of hurt” and scoop downward on the ending half of “hurt” to land on the “me” is reminiscent of a whiny wail.

The phrasing of the words also belay their sentiment. Note that many of the words are accented with the ending word of the phrase being elongated in a conversational way. It would seem as if they truly are talking to their love interest this time. After so many other songs in their discography where they are telling themselves or their journal what they are experiencing, they have finally decided to tell the cause of these emotions what they are feeling.

Look at them all grown up and telling the object of their affections what they do to them. Grant it, it isn’t all positive the feelings that are inspired but the honesty in revealing those emotions is also what they seek from their love interest. This conversation is them showing what they need through being example. While she has started this dance they have decided to now lead. But will she follow or leave them alone…….?

Maybe the next song will tell us.

As always this has been Admin Aqua.

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**Experience Unveiled Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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