Why is it that the romance for EXO is always shortlived….?


After our discussion in Call Me Baby….we’re doing yet another complete 360 whiplash worthy reversal into Transformer.



wú fǎ yòng yán yǔ xíng róng

I’m unable to use words


tā dào dǐ shì shen me dōng xī

to describe exactly what she is

My thoughts ex’actly guys…..

Since the opening stanzas make reference to light (which is what Call Me Baby was all about…her aura of truth illuminating and piercing light..) it makes this Admin believe that the girl whom EXO says “once illuminated their challenging road…” is now switching things up on them. She’s a “Transformer.”




jué bú huì xiǎng hé nǐ duì jué

I absolutely would not want to fight against you


Hey pretty lady


sī wéi zǎo yǐ wéi le nǐ shēn xiàn

I’ve already been trapped deeply in thought for a long time because of you


有时很温柔 有时特别强烈

yǒu shí hěn wēn róu yǒu shí tè bié qiáng liè

Sometimes very gentle, sometimes especially strong

Whatever has happened between them (it’s anyone’s guess really…) she has begun to reveal more of who she is while still not revealing too much at all. She keeps them guessing while she also peels back more layers of her personality. She is a labryinth. She is unwilling to and there is no way EXO possibly can contain her to get a firm understanding of who she is, what she wants and what needs she has.





tài guò bú tóng wú fǎ xiǎng xiàng

You’re too different, I am unable to visualize you


交出一切让你成为 我的 owner

jiāo chū yī qiē ràng nǐ chéng wéi wǒ de owner

I’ll surrender everything and let you become my owner

Cause you’re you’re you’re a transformer

Xiumin’s line of “What planet were you sent from…?” brings this Admin back to EXO’s original mission outlined in their first album once again also.

EXO’s mission was to bring the people of Earth (particularly those within the Asian continent and diaspora) together once more. To bring harmony and peace on Earth if you will.

Maybe they saw this woman and her initial personality being someone who could lend herself to him as a helpmate. He saw her as being someone whom he could rely on.

But perhaps now he sees her as someone meant to distract him. She slows down just enough to allow him to catch up to her before jetting off again out of his clutches, leaving him grasping at air.

The previous lines stating that she is a “mega girl” someone he “absolutely doesn’t want to fight with” whom he has been “trapped in deep thought about..” should alert to us all that he has given their relationship/partnership an intense dedicated amount of thought.

What game is being played that they keep referencing too….?

The ball seems to be in her court whatever game it is (again there are the lines stating that “girl it is your time”)

EXO seems slightly frustrated towards the end and feels that she has been wasting time shapeshifting and evading him the way that she has.

The lines that state “with just you and I here, exactly what is it that we still need…?” let’s this Admin know that they don’t want her to use her ever changing personality as an excuse to not give EXO a chance….in other words, don’t create barriers and roadblocks where they are ultimately unnecessary and redundant (sometimes we all need to realize the difference between you actually being mysterious and you just creating drama to pretend to appear mysterious)

But the last lines of this piece always haunt your Admin…..



想见你, 想要你

xiǎng jiàn nǐ, xiǎng yào nǐ

I want to see you, I want you

Then you transform



néng fǒu néng fǒu gǎn shòu wǒ

Can you, can you feel me

Or are you gonna transform?

What does EXO mean by “Can you, can you feel me or are you gonna transform…?”

Are they asking her that after telling her (because this entire song they’re talking about the way that she’s starting to act…the way that she’s coming undone as if EXO is zeroing in closer and closer to getting to know who she actually is so she’s trying to shake him off….) if she understands and at least sympathizes if not empathizes with how it makes them feel to be given the brush off…?

Tick tick boom boom bout to blow maybe be a stern warning from EXO that they can’t take it anymore…and they’re about ready to give in to whatever it is that she demands just so she’ll stop running away…

Look at how EXO expresses their feelings open and honestly here just before this last stanza….



bú guǎn biàn chéng shen me yàng

No matter what becomes of me, even if I become

就算变灰暗, 也要抓住你

jiù suàn biàn huī àn, yě yào zhuā zhù nǐ

gloomy, I’ll still want to catch hold of you

Tell me now, it’s killing me baby

“It’s killing me….even if I become gloomy….”

Somehow…even with all of her trickery…she’s still worth it to him. It’s something about her light. Something about her aura that is pure to EXO even though she tries to cloud their vision so they see a distorted view of her.

What you playing at…..?


This has been your Admin Pisces


(I swear I’m going to be dancing through the entirety of the next series of Tunesday posts….whether that’s bopping or slow whining because….listen…all of EXO’s albums have a bop somewhere but EXODUS/Love Me Right….mannnnnn)

**Experience Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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