In contrast to “Moonlight” which was all about a steady beam of light, Thunder is about flashes of light.

Thunder in of itself is the sound we all hear after seeing a lightning bolt flash across the sky.


EXO even explains in one line how they are similar to the sound that follows the image we see in the sky…for since sound travels faster than light….they are always too little too late. And reading the lyrics below, it appears that Thunder is also similar in theme to Moonlight as EXO is talking about a woman they can only see from a distance. They are separated because of both time and distance. They can never be together because of the space between them…whether that’s created purposefully or it just is as with the Sun and the Moon theme from Moonlight.


Thunder thunder thunder



xiǎng yào bǎ nǐ jǐn wò

I want to hold you tight


Thunder thunder thunder



nǐ de bèi yǐng yǐ zǒu xiàng yuǎn fāng

Your silhouette has already gone far


shí jiān bǎ wǒ men de jù lí biàn dé gèng zhǎng

Time has made our distance even longer



zài nǐ yuǎn qù de fāng xiàng

In the direction that you have gone away

会不会是我 终於陌生的星光

huì bú huì shì wǒ zhōng yú mò shēng de xīng guāng

Could it be me, the finally unfamiliar starlight



nǐ jiù xiàng shǎn diàn yī yàng de cōng máng

You’re in a hurry just like lightning


shì fǒu wǒ yǒng yuǎn zhuī bú shàng

If I can never catch up to you



wǒ men zhī jiān zhè yáo yuǎn de shí chà

The distant time difference between us


wú fǎ zài tóng yī gè kōng jiān lǐ dào dá

We can’t arrive in the same space

However where in Moonlight it appears that there is a dialogue (however rare and fleeting) going on between EXO and their love interest….in Thunder it does not seem that she cares or is even concerned with what this distance is doing to EXO. It appears like we have gone back to similar themes from before where we are only hearing about EXO seeing someone from a distance and their feelings are not being reciprocated. And again in Moonlight it appeared that EXO’s mournful, longing feelings were returned by “her” “the moon.”

And still like in Moonlight, in Thunder she has become someone else’s light. She was someone that he knew….(again in more tangible 21st Century terms) you could think of her as a classmate, or childhood friend or a colleague or just someone who they had common interests with but quickly grew apart from as they continued to learn about each other’s differing personalities and interests. I’d like to think she’s a little out of their league…


Perhaps this person EXO was interested in was put off by that and EXO was surprised by the revelation but continued to pursue them still….but whether this person EXO is interested delights in how much EXO has fallen for/in love with them, we can’t really be sure…..


What we can be sure of is that they make themselves scarce the moment they know EXO is around as if they don’t want to associated with them. (Something else we can be sure of is how sincere and desirous EXO is…I mean the choreography is really all you need to see to know for certain that EXO isn’t playing no games…the infatuation is real…)

(I was trying to look for a good EXO’rDium video and I did find one with a focus but I was so blown away….I couldn’t keep watching ahahaha…EXO’rDium is the next level man….)


And as much as EXO declares they want to “catch” and “follow” and “search” for this person….what will they find if this person lets them in…? Will it be everything that they’ve hoped and more…?

Since the story ends here so will I.

(Huge shout-out to boss man Lu for collaborating with Jeon Gan-di on these lyrics!)


Oooh oooh ooh ooh oh oh!


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**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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