Thunder Cont’d

**singing** Oooo oooo oo oo oo

Another underrated song by EXO. How do people overlook these gems?!?!?!

**Warning:……heh heh heh….I just…..aural analysis only

The song begins with the lone strumming of a guitar in a short introduction. A click track, bass and electric drum kit join in in the verse. The strum pattern of the guitar and the lines in the other instruments are fragmented, giving the accompaniment a scurrying effect. How appropriate as they are running to catch her and are always too late. The accompaniment tells of the chase. A glass shattering effect is added as a prelude to the 2nd verse and upon exiting the rap/spoken section. This leaves the impression that the glass shattering coincides with a certain level of determination and vexation at not being able to catch her no matter how hard they try.

Also notice that rhythmic pattern changes in the rap/spoken section. It is no coincidence that at this rhythmic change they are saying:

EXO-K Version


시간의 벽을 넘어 너를 찾아간다

siganui byeogeul neomeo neoreul chajaganda

Climbing over the wall of time, I look for you

지금은 달라도 시작은 같았다

jigeumeun dallado sijageun gatatda

Though we’re different now, our start was the same


아직 돌아갈 수 있다고 믿어

ajig doragal su itdago mideo

I still believe we can go back

지금 하나 둘 초를 세며

jigeum hana dul choreul semyeo

I’m counting the candles one by one

우리 거릴 잰다

uri georil jaenda

and measuring our distance

EXO-M Version



jiù ràng wǒ chāo yuè shí jiān chāo yuè zhè zuò gāo bì

Just let me surpass time, surpass this high wall


cóng xiàn zài dào kāi shǐ nà xiàng tóng de fēng jǐng

From now until the beginning, that same scenery


相信我可以再, 再回到过去

xiàng xìn wǒ kě yǐ zài zài huí dào guò qù

Believe that I return, return to before


wǒ yī èr zài xīn dǐ dú miǎo cè wǒ men de jù lí

I count down our distance in my heart, one, two

They’re talking about changing time in a section that changes timing of the rhythm.

Once again in the voicings we get a frustrated EXO. The phrasing is very telling in the sense that it too portrays the chase and plaintive cries. They will have a normally paced phrase followed by a phrase that’s a bit hurried and clipped. That “just when you think you’ve caught up you have rush to catch her again” feel. They’re constantly behind trying close the distance between the Thunder and the Lightning.

Ugh! The poor guys can’t seem to catch a break for long. The object of their affection always seems just beyond their reach. But let’s be honest, how many of us have been the Lightning in this situation? And how many the Thunder? It happens way more often than most might think.

Food for thought: Timing is everything…….

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