The First Snow

We have now come to the end of EXO’s second EP, and their first winter special album Miracles in December. A special winter tradition they have continued since 2013.

We are returning to a lonely, somber, love-lorn EXO once more in the song that ends this album.


From the opening lines, one can only infer that it has been a “year” since “Christmas Day” and EXO is looking back at what had been with their love interest. Unfortunately for EXO it is a reflection to another failed situation.

And we had such hopes! Didn’t we?




di yi chang xue xia qi de wu hou

After the afternoon of the first snow

想和你 分享感动

xiang he ni fen xiang gan dong

I wanted to share and enjoy with you,


que zhi chen mo dui zhe hua tong

but only silence faced the microphone



zhuan yan yi nian you qiao ran zou guo

In the blink of an eye, a year has quietly

对你的留恋 占满心中

dui ni de liu lian zhan man xin zhong

passed again, the nostalgia for you fills my heart


“shi ji mo ”nan nan dui zi ji shuo

“It’s loneliness”, I mumble to myself

So again as we have read in “My Turn to Cry,” and “Miracles in December,” EXO has yet again been the cause of heartbreak felt by their love interest.


What is it that EXO keeps doing that has them repeating these lines (so similar to what was said in “Peter Pan” even) again and again? From the lines listed below…it seems that this love interest was everything to EXO. She gave him the reason to breath and to live. So what happened?




yi wei ni jiu shi wo de hu xi

Because you are my breath,


yong yuan gei wo ai de yong qi

forever giving me the courage to love

-Luhan –Kris-

傻得让你走 我真的对不起

sha de rang ni zou wo zhen de dui bu qi

I was stupid to let you go, I am truly sorry



duo ping fan de dao li

It’s always the most ordinary principles,


总是要失去 才懂得珍惜

zong shi yao shi qu cai dong de zhen xi

that you only learn to treasure after it’s lost



wu fa yuan liang zi ji

I can’t forgive myself, and it’s


已来不及 再回到过去

yi lai bu ji zai hui dao guo qu

too late to return to the past


请相信 我能为你

qing xiang xin wo neng wei ni

Please believe me, and in my


gai bian de jue xin

determination to change for you

It’s always too little too late for EXO. They are always (well not always but that’s the feeling) realizing too little too late that the one they were with was the one that they were meant to be with. And they don’t even remain friends with their past loved interest. (Which is worrying. Did their love interest break off contact out of anger/brokenhearedness or did EXO break off contact out of guilt?)

And EXO continues to deceive us with their accompanying instrumentation. From the opening of this song, you may or may not have the feeling that this rocking rhythm will soon foretell a lighthearted and endearing moment shared between EXO and their love interest. And it does not.

The resounding chorus and it’s meaning further drives the point in.

-All – Lay-

看着你的泪 仿佛责备我

kan zhe ni de lei fang fu ze bei wo

Looking at your tears, it seems as if they’re blaming me

傻得连挽留 都无话可说

sha de lian wan liu dou wu hua ke shuo

I’m so stupid I don’t even have


你好吗 Merry Merry Christmas

ni hao ma Merry Merry Christmas

anything to say to make you stay


zhu ni you geng hao de sheng huo

Are you well? Merry Merry Christmas,

-All – Kris-

看白雪飘落 在心的缺口

kan bai xue piao luo zai xin de que kou

I wish you an even better life



neng bu neng yan mo

Watching the white snow fall in the gaps of my heart



guo qu de suo you shang tong

Is it possible to drown all of the pains of the past

They went from not wanting their love interest to cry and choosing to shoulder the burden of their faults in “My Turn to Cry” to not wanting to be held responsible and wanting to just drown in their misery in this piece. What a 360. Perhaps it is beginning to weigh heavy on their spirit? These continuous cycles of happiness that are somehow short lived and end just as soon as they begin. There are only so many times you can use that power of hindsight given to them by their past love interest in “Peter Pan” before it is no longer valid. There are only so many miracles we can ask for. Or are there? Or maybe they aren’t using that power of hindsight effectively? In life we all must go through experiences that help us to grow as individuals so that we don’t continue to make the same mistakes. Unfortunately it seems that whatever mistakes they made in the past and thought they had grown from….they truly have not yet. They continue to meet new love interests and continue to rehearse the same patterns of behavior that wind them in the same place. Maybe they are meeting familiar spirits? (Also it’s interesting in the lines below that they talk about giving their life to be able to love her again the way she deserves to be loved. For Life theme anyone? You were here? Reincarnation?)




祈祷着奇迹 能再度降临

qi dao zhe qi ji neng zai du jiang lin

Praying for a miracle to come again


zai wo de yan li

In my eyes, thinking of you again


cai hui xiang qi ni jiu liu lei

will make me shed tears


Tears Are Falling, Falling, Falling


就算只有一天 用我仅有

jiu suan zhi you yi tian yong wo jin you

Even if there is a day, using my



yi qie jiao huan hui dao ni shen bian

everything I can switch back to being at your side



dian ran sheng ming huo yan

Lighting the flame of life,

直到终于为你熄灭 Girl

zhi dao zhong yu wei ni xi mie Girl

until it finally extinguishes for you Girl

They are at least sorry and regretful for what they have done. And even seem to be asking to be absolved. To be covered in snow so as to be purified in its white substance. So they can start over yet again? (The imagery that this gives is so gorgeous and is so matching of their winter theme where in the springtime once the snow melts, all things are made new. Does EXO want to lie dormant until then?)



-All – Kai-

눈이 내리면 멍든 가슴이

nuni naerimyeon meongdeun gaseumi

When the snow falls, would my

모두 하얗게 다 덮여지게 될까

modu hayahge da deopyeojige doelkka

bruised heart get covered whitely?

Random but this line reminds me of a piece soon to be revealed in EXO’s discography, EXODUS’ What If (And also Bone-Thugs N’ Harmony anybody? We’ll get to that later. I’ll stop getting ahead of myself for now)




yeah 바보 같은 소리지, 그래도 만약

yeah babo gateun soriji, geuraedo manyak

Yeah, it’s a stupid thought, but still, what if

And in reading these lines and looking through the cycles of love EXO has experienced thus far…they are going through a healthy human experience of love. Not all love lasts, no matter how well intended. We enjoy the moments for the time span that we have it. We cherish the person who loves us for as long as we have them. We do our best to give them happiness. But what we fail to realize sometimes is that you don’t go into a relationship with someone thinking that they are just going to fit your fantasy of what love is. Love is two people coming together and choosing to make their individual lives one while still achieving their individual goals and ambitions. It’s not everyone out for themselves. It is allowing someone to be separate and yet part of you. And there are many perspectives on how one should go about that or even what love looks like period. EXO asked us to tell them, What is Love from the very beginning and they will continue to discover all of the elements of love and the different ways in which we experience love.


And so ends “Miracles in December!” Bittersweet, huh?


I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

We have a New Year to look forward to in a couple days time and a new album as well! “Overdose” will be next in our Tunesday discussions.


*Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration*

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