The First Snow Cont’d

First Snow, a happy, wintry bop for December. The music makes you think of cute little elves frolicking in the snow.


***Happy sigh***

So yet another cute song from EXO. Correction, it’s magically cute sounding, key word sounding. Admin Pisces has already shown us in the lyrics that this song falls in line with Peter Pan. Remember that one? Musically adorable, lyrically sad.


**Warning: This is an aural analysis based discussion. Those who’ve read the others know what else I want to add buuuuuut I won’t. #TeamSheetMusic #TeamChart

First Snow begins with our old good friend the acoustic guitar and a click track. A bass enters when the vocals come in. Ethereal chimes sound right before the closing of the verses. As if calling for a shift to happen. At the entrance of the chorus these instruments are joined by electric strings that are only present in the chorus and the end of the bridge. Note that whenever the strings enter they are reflecting on moments shared with their love interest.

EXO-K Version

-All – D.O.-

너를 만나면 눈물 차 올라

neoreul mannamyeon nunmul cha olla

If I met you, would tears rise up?

바보 같은 난 아무 말 못해

babo gateun nan amu mal mothae

The foolish me wouldn’t be able to say anything


말해줘 메리 메리 크리스마스,

malhaejwo meri meri keuriseumaseu,

Tell me, Merry Merry Christmas,

안녕 잘 지내는거지

annyeong jal jinaeneungeoji

hi, how have you been?

-All – Chanyeol-

눈이 내리면 멍든 가슴이

nuni naerimyeon meongdeun gaseumi

When the snow falls, would my

모두 하얗게 다 덮여지게 될까

modu hayahge da deopyeojige doelkka

bruised heart get covered whitely?


미안해 잘해주지 못해

mianhae jalhaejuji mothae

I’m sorry I didn’t treat you well


후회만 가득 가득 했던,

huhoeman gadeuk gadeuk haetdeon,

That Christmas, I was only filled

그 크리스마스

geu keuriseumaseu

with regrets

EXO-M Version

-All – Kris-

看着你的泪 仿佛责备我

kan zhe ni de lei fang fu ze bei wo

Looking at your tears, it seems as if they’re blaming me

傻得连挽留 都无话可说

sha de lian wan liu dou wu hua ke shuo

I’m so stupid I don’t even have


你好吗 Merry Merry Christmas

ni hao ma Merry Merry Christmas

anything to say to make you stay


zhu ni you geng hao de sheng huo

Are you well Merry Merry Christmas,

-All – Tao-

看白雪飘落 在心的缺口

kan bai xue piao luo zai xin de que kou

I wish you an even better life


neng bu neng yan mo

Watching the white snow fall in the gaps of my heart



guo qu de suo you shang tong

Is it possible to drown all of the pains of the past



yong qian yi mu song ni de li qu

I watched you leave with regret



liu xia wo yi bian yi bian

Leaving me with my regretful Christmas


hou hui de Christmas

over and over again?

This superficially happy music behind the lyrics once again seem to convey their denial of the situation. Where as in Peter Pan they were in denial about the finality of their relationship, in First Snow they want to deny/forget their role in the downfall of it or as Pisces already put it they “seem to be asking to be absolved.” They don’t want to stay in that place of guilt but gee do they wish that she was there to share the first snow with them. Mmhmm, ok guys.


The voices are soft of course to keep in line with reminiscent tone of the song. Everyone is singing in this one. The melodic line isn’t strenuous as it is in some of their songs allowing it to fit comfortably in all voices.

Well that is all for Miracles in December. Get ready to check yourself into the nearest rehab, we’re headed for Overdose.



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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