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(AHHHHH YUP!! I love this! I love it! I love it so damn much! It’s so much fun! Everyone is having fun!! Everyone is smiling!! The guys look so happy!! I was about to bounce out of my bed to dance while I listened and wrote but I disturbed my cat who was peacefully napping beside me and….anyways….)



只想让你知道 now

zhi xiang rang ni zhi dao now

I just want you to know, now

爱上你对我多重要 e-yo

ai shang ni dui wo duo zhong yao e-yo

How important falling in love with you is to me e-yo

Does anyone else feel like this is 3.6.5. Part 2? Show of hands?

And even with the happiness of these lyrics…it still appears as far as the translation goes, that this may be another too good to be true moment. (Dun dun dunnnnnnn!)

EXO constantly sways back and forth between being happy, just on the brink of being happy, and the love lorn shoulda coulda woulda stages.

And Run appears to be in between those first two stages.

From context clues alone, this new love interest (yet another love interest eh?) is someone that EXO has again happened to meet by chance. She makes his heart race and he is exhilarated just by the idea of them being together. She is mysterious in that she is indecisive about what to do about her feelings for EXO. From the first stanza it appears that we are coming upon the two as they are in conversation and considering what to do about their feelings.

“Do we just go for it….? Or do we not and just wish we had….?”


And EXO begins with telling their love interest to stop sweating the small stuff (this is what reminds your Admin Pisces of 3.6.5.) and just dive in. Toss away all cares and worries for how it might end up and what could happen and just do it!



pao xia ni de fan nao

Throw away all your troubles


zhe shun jian hen mei hao

This moment is so beautiful


bi shang yan ba ni yong ru huai bao

I close my eyes and hold you in my arms

Just live in the moment, Lay is saying. Just be present with them. Right here. Right now. Because as much as we do try to plan and save ourselves from trouble, we can’t really see every possible outcome. And though it may seem immature to be so “reckless” in a way it is a wise truth. As much as we can plan for and prepare ourselves, we should try. But as EXO seems to be saying here when it comes to something like love……how will we really know unless we just go for it? Unless we just take love by the hand and run with it? Right?


(^just shake off ALL those worries Soo…it’s going to be ok…)

What is concerning and brings attention back to the title track of this album are the lines sung by Chen……



ni shi wo de zhu jiao

You are my main character


jie bu diao de du yao

An addictive poison

Love is literally perceived by the human mind and body as a drug.

Intense spells of passion are as effective at blocking pain as cocaine and other illicit drugs, a team of neuroscientists say. Tests on 15 American students who admitted to being in the passionate early stages of a relationship showed that feelings for their partner reduced intense pain by 12% and moderate pain by 45%.

In the study, researchers at Stanford University showed eight women and seven men photographs of their partners while delivering mild doses of pain to their palms with a hot probe. At the same time, the students had their brains scanned by a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine. At the end of each test, the students were asked to rate how much pain they felt.

Feelings of love, triggered by a photo of their partner, acted as a powerful painkiller. Brain scans revealed that these feelings caused more activity in parts of the brain that are also triggered by morphine and cocaine. Looking at an image of an attractive friend rather than their partner had only a mild analgesic effect.

“We intentionally focused on this early phase of passionate love. We specifically were not looking for longer-lasting, more mature phases of the relationship. We wanted subjects who were feeling euphoric, energetic, obsessively thinking about their beloved, craving their presence,” Sean Mackey, a co-author on the paper, said.

“When passionate love is described like this, it in some ways sounds like an addiction. We thought, maybe this does involve similar brain systems as those involved in addictions.”

-Ian Sample, The Guardian, Science Correspondent

Going from the definition and study results provided above….EXO is once again in this euphoric, addictive early phase of passionate, infatuated love (they literally use the word infatuation according to the translation)


And so though what we are hearing appears buoyant and carefree (which is exactly how this love makes them feel) we really haven’t strayed too far from the themes present in Overdose. This is perhaps what happened before Overdose or it could’ve been what happened after.

And that’s not to say that their feelings are not legitimate….we all go through that honeymoon, fairytale like phase when in the throes of passionate, infatuated love that appears to be reciprocated. You want to see them every minute of every hour of every day. They want to see you. You can’t stop talking. You can’t stop kissing. You can’t stop feeling. Every time you get an SNS message from them you are ten stories high and the longer you wait for replies, the deeper you sink into the foundation of the Earth. Its a whirlwind of emotion that sometimes settles into comfort and trust and becomes something real. Especially when there is a strong foundation of friendship alongside the passionate feelings. That could be the case here….although it appears a lot more carefree and dreamlike.



yao bu ke ji de

Even things that were unattainable

都可以获得 想的到的

dou ke yi huo de xiang de dao de

Can be reached, anything you want


dou shi ni de

is all yours


Tell me the next few lines aren’t some of the sweetest you’ve read….that they aren’t so relatable….that they aren’t the secrets you whisper into your own pillow at night as you think about that one person….that someday maybe one day person….



gao su wo bu shi zuo meng

Tell me it’s not a dream


gao su wo ni dou hui dong

Tell me you’ll understand it all


gao su wo wo hen bu tong

Tell me I’m different



di yi ci wo yu jian ni

The first time I met you


dao xian zai hai zai hui yi

Remains in my memory even ‘til now


na tian mi ji ge shi ji

That sweetness will last a few centuries

“Tell me that there is someone out there just for me. Who is unlike all the rest and who sees me as being just as unique and beyond comparison. Someone who treasures me and truly adores me….someone who sees me for me…and wants me for me…tell me that I’ve found this person….that when they first set eyes on me it was as if all that was bright and true and pure about me shone through….that they knew we were meant to be and that our love and this feeling will last forever and ever…..”

EXO is forever taking us into their carefree dreamscape…with each new project I feel like they  encourage us to run and just see what it could be….to just trust them and trust this feeling that we’re going on.

Dreaming with them hasn’t let us down so far now….has it?



Huge kudos to Chanyeol in his collab of writing the lyrics with Seo Ji-eum (lyricist for Moonlight and Love Love Love) !!!

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