Run Cont’d

As soon as you hear the “AHHHHHHHHHH YUP!” you’re ready to go. Be honest, you start bouncing around just like Pisces and I whenever this song comes on. It’s such a fun song how can you not start bouncing/jumping when you listen to it?!

Everything in this song makes you want to do exactly what the title says, RUN! {it’s a great song to go running to. I’ve done it and works so well. Do I bop/bounce a little when it comes on when I’m on the track? Yes, yes I do.}

**Warning: heh heh heh…….aural based discussion…..heheh

The strumming pattern applied on the guitar in the beginning of the song is reminiscent of a running pace. The same can be said about the rhythmic pattern employed by the drums. Remember what I said at the beginning about this song being a great song to listen to when going running? This is why. It is easy to set a pace based on the instruments in the song. Pace is pretty much another word for rhythm. Every instrument utilized, the guitar, drums, block and the keyboard with its various effects/plugins used, further solidify this “running pace.”

The keyboard effects/plugins in the chorus heighten the energy creating this pulsing that makes you want to get up and……do something. Run. That energy created fuels the exuberance of the song. The pace set talked about before coupled with the keyboard effects/plugins choice generate a buoyancy in the accompaniment that is what makes the listener want to bounce/bop/jump while listening to this song.

Note that their voices are also a part of the accompaniment of the song. That “AHHHHHHHHHH YUP!” is treated as an instrumental element through out the song. Particularly in the A part of the verses and the chorus. This phrase seems a little familiar, doesn’t it? Kinda reminds me of what we say to horses to get them moving “Giddy-up!”

They are constantly reminding us to get moving. And “AHHHHHHHHHH YUP!” that’s what they said.

This is another song that employs all of the members in the respective versions. We see a return of levels. In the A part of the verses they are slightly “subdued” while there is more of attacked energized vocalization in the B part which is heightened when they reach the chorus. By the time we get to the bridge their phrasing is very articulated rhythmically while their vocalization returns to that of being “slightly subdued”. While I state that they are “slightly subdued” in these sections there is an agitated undercurrent ever present inciting movement on the listeners part.

All these elements in the song that instigate movement just go hand in hand with what Pisces has found in digging in the lyrics.They want the object of their affection to “Just go for it!” Once again, 3.6.5 all over again. Don’t worry take my hand and jump. “Que sera sera”

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