Playboy Cont’d



Admin Aqua: “Hey.”


Let me stop.

Oooo this damn song…….

This Admin is just gonna get into it and hopefully come out unscathed.

**WARNING: This is strictly an aurally based discussion.

The song begins with a vintage keyboard play a a motif that is heard the entirety of Playboy being slightly embellished during the chorus. The vintage tones and mid pitch range that it stays in gives off a gravelly warmth. Talk about a “whiskey” feeling.

The drums stay in the pocket. And who ever played the guitar….It was a wise decision to allow the sound of the fingers sliding to the various chord positions. It brings to this Admins mind a night in a smoky speakeasy with a drink in hand and this song playing in the background. So sensual

Synth keys are used only during the rap/breakdown giving the section an out of space and time feel that is perfect for the monologue that is happening.

These vocals…mm mm mm. They are so wicked for the beginning of this song. Damn you Kai and Tao!!! That whole little

Hey Playboy


Let’s play!

that can get you into some trouble, man. And the low tone they use….. Speaking of trouble and low tone…Chanyeol/Kai/Sehun and Tao/Xiumin rap/breakdown. Heavens above. Especially Chanyeol and Tao coming through your headphones/earbuds/speakers like little devils on your shoulder. Then you’ve got Chen and Baekhyun (again) with that falsetto “My baby”.


The verses and chorus are given a mellow, full-bodied treatment {there I go again with the alcohol reference} that lulls whatever misgivings there may be. You know these misgivings.


nǐ yǎnjīng zài shuō nǐ
Your eyes say that

tài wǎn kàn qīngchǔ zhēnzhèng yuányīn
you’ve seen the real reason too late

nǐ yǐ tōutōu ài shàng wǒ
You’ve already secretly fallen in love with me

bùshì ma?
Isn’t it?

其实你 早已经
Qíshí nǐ zǎo yǐjīng
You already knew from the beginning

在意我但现在的理由 却通通只会怪我
zàiyì wǒ dàn xiànzài de lǐyóu què tōngtōng zhǐ huì guàiwǒ
But now you’re blaming me with your reasons

我是坏 比你想象中还坏
wǒ shì huài bǐ nǐ xiǎngxiàng zhōng hái huài
I’m bad, worse than you can imagine

你发现的却不一样 你都是想错
nǐ fāxiàn de què bù yīyàng nǐ dōu shì xiǎng cuò
What you found isn’t what you have thought of, you thought wrong

跟我会 让幸福再靠近
gēn wǒ huì ràng xìngfú zài kàojìn
following me won’t bring happiness closer to you



늦었다 싶을 땐
Neujeossda sipeul ttaen
When you think it’s too late,
이미 손 쓸 수 없을 정도로
내게 빠졌다고
Imi son sseul su eopseul jeongdoro
Naege ppajyeossdago
you’ve already fallen for me, it’s out of your control


(isn’t it?)


전부다 알면서 시작 해놓곤
Jeonbuda almyeonseo sijak haenohgon
You knew everything from the start

이제 와서는 전부 내 탓이라고
Ije waseoneun jeonbu nae tasirago
and now you’re blaming it all on me?


나 못된 네 상상보다 못된
착함과는 거리가 먼
사람이라 더욱
Na mosdoen ne sangsangboda mosdoen
Chakhamgwaneun georiga meon
Saramira deouk
I’m far from the bad things you’ve imagined, from the bad niceness

They succeed in vocally seducing the listener into becoming trapped in the web. And once securely ensconced in that web….

It’s play time

Admin Aqua needs a minute…..Bye now.



**Experience Tantalizing Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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