Y’all have no idea how excited I am to be talking about Overdose today. One because it means we’re steadily moving closer to being up to date with EXO’s discography and two because of the content for this discussion.

There is some interesting collaboration going on within SM Entertainment.


Writers and producers from across the globe have been involved in K-Pop period but focusing on what’s happening here on this album, we have Kenzie, the Underdogs and Chikk to thank for this addictive title song.


Kenzie is a South Korean composer, and graduate of the Berklee College of Music who has worked with many incredible artists within the K-Pop Industry, from BoA to The Grace to Shinee to Super Junior to TVXQ to f(x) to Girls’ Generation to more recently Taeyeon to Kyuhyun to NCT 127 to EXO-CBX to Red Velvet and Seohyun and on and on.


The Underdogs are a duo of Harvey Mason Jr. (University of Arizona grad, his father was also a grad of the Berklee College of Music, his picture is shown above) and Damon Thomas, both of whom are record producers (of the Dreamgirls film soundtrack) and songwriters (who have worked with Hikaru Utada – excuse me for a moment I must go scream………..and now I’m back.) Their list of artists that they have worked for is equally impressive! I mean we’re talking THE artists of the (especially in the Western market) Tyrese, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Jennifer Lopez, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Joe, Donell Jones, Rubben Studdard, Avant, Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, Jojo, Babyface……


Chikk (here are some screenshots from her IG, thanks Aqua for finding the screenshot where she talked about Overdose) is a new singer/songwriter on the scene who has continued to work with EXO, Shinee, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and hopefully so many more.

I am so so SO proud to know that a black woman has been part of EXO’s projects (she co-wrote for Monster, Lotto and White Noise y’all!!!! Like come ON now!!)

I guess….maybe in a way it’s validating for Black K-Pop fans (both Chikk and Harvey Mason Jr. are black y’all….) that our interest in this music isn’t odd at all. We, our people, are literally part of the creation process. Our people are literally influencing what is going on. Not just through venues that are plastic like YouTube but through (hopefully anyway) face to face interaction with other artists in the business who are creating. We are actively collaborating (which still has me wanting to ask some questions but I’ll save that for Woke Wednesday….)

Like yes. Yes for black people.

But anyway…..now we’re onto Overdose.


Y’all…..again EXO has gone through another shift in energy.

In previous discussions I have tried to explain what is going on in each phase of EXO’s “relationships” as explained by their songs’ lyrics.

Heart Attack was the song I felt that most directly related to Overdose.

To quote myself

“They doubt themselves and even question whether their feelings are genuine. So irrational are their actions (wishing time could stop even) that you begin to question whether this love is healthy…another theme that will remain persistent in EXO’s lyrics as time goes on.

Unhealthy love.

Love that makes you crazy.

Love that makes you do crazy things.

To wish for crazy things.

To endure the worst things.

I know you all know where I’m going with it (see now the VCR placement makes so much more sense!)”

I believe that what I’ve summarized above is the premise of this song. That and Kai’s monologue during his solo “Deep Breath” stage.

Video Credit: Synchronixing

“You are the shining moonlight

In the dark you disappear

I run after you

Cold-hearted you are like the thunder

And the traces left behind


I’m already addicted to you”

*Wretched scream*

It’s haunting isn’t it? (Honestly I feel like this song has levels. And what I mean by that is that I believe that many of EXO’s songs are linked to one another. Look at Chen’s writing of what he describes as Part II of “Moonlight” with “She’s Dreaming” (such a gorgeous song! Well done Dae!!) Anyways….Heart Attack was mild, Overdose began to heat it up, and Monster took it to the edge. Just what will EXO do in their next comeback?! I can HARDLY wait)



wo xiang yao ta de yi qie

I want her everything

她的爱 就是唯一的定律

Ta de ai jiu shi wei yi de ding lu

Her love is the only law

While the above statement by Lay is certainly something you think you’d like for someone to say about you…looking further on in the lyrics, I feel we’d all feel a little like things are definitely spiraling out of control….(this song is so SO passionate but it is so violent at the same time no matter which version you’re looking at.)



Ta de chun yi wen zhi ming

One kiss from her lips is lethal

越恍惚 就越无法自拔

Yue huang hu jiu yue wu fa zi ba

The more unmindful the more you’ll be unable to get yourself out


Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me


Oh she hurts me


Wo shi ru ci ke wang xiang de dao ni

I am like this, eager to get you



Ni qing qing di tiao dou wo de jian

You lightly tease my shoulder


Mei yi ci chu peng dou xiang shi chu dian

Every time you touch me it’s like you’re electrifying me



Suo you ren dou zai wen zhe wo

Everyone is asking me



Zen me wo bian le hen duo

Why did I change so much


从内心深处 感染你一切

Cong nei xin shen chu gan ran ni yi qie

From deep within my heart I’m infected by you



Ni jiu shi wei yi de shi jie

You are my only world


再也无法倒退 你填满的空间

Zai ye wu fa dao tui ni tian man de kong jian

There’s no way to go back, the space that you fill


在这一瞬间 you’re in my heart

Zai zhe yi shun jian you’re in my heart

At this moment you’re in my heart



Wo xiang yao ba ni guan man wo de hou

I want to fill my throat with you


Quan shen dou zai chan dou

My entire body is trembling


jiu suan he de zai duo yong yuan dou bu gou

but no matter how much more I drink it will never be enough


Du xing yi jing man yan cong tou dao jiao

The poison has already spread from my head to my toes


dan wo bu qu zhao jia

but I don’t try to fight it


Xiang shou zhe zhe zhong ci ji

Enjoy this kind of stimulation

那么痛快 I can’t stop

na me tong kuai I can’t stop

so happy I can’t stop


Hey doctor

这种感觉就挺好的 huh

Zhe zhong gan jue jiu ting hao de huh

This kind of feeling is pretty nice huh


Kang ju bu liao ni gei de yin li

I can’t resist the force of your attraction


rang wo man man bei ni rong hua

you’re slowly making me melt



Ning yuan chang shui bu xing ru guo

I would rather sleep forever and not wake


zhe zhong gan jue bu cun zai

if this kind of feeling doesn’t exist


Zhong ni tian mi de du

Taking your sweet poison


bian cheng wo huo bu xia qu de qi dai

becomes my looking forward to not being able to go on

From Chen’s lines to the rap line’s breakdown (I thought it was so so clever that Chen’s lines include something about an electric shock…it’s somehow distantly related to his power to me….but anyways) you can see how while at the surface it appears like this couple (EXO and their love interest) are still in the puppy love stage of this relationship where they are inseparable it is much deeper and unfortunately much more twisted than that. It is not healthy (EXO’s description is more in line with a fatuous love…)….


In talks about their title song of their 2nd mini album, EXO themselves have described the sensuous, infatuated tones of the lyrics.

And during the shooting of their MV and after it’s completion we can see that this time the lyrics and their concept of the MV matched.

While in the MV EXO represents the man’s POV (as per usual) who is trapped within the maze of the fatal attraction they have for their love interest. What’s interesting about the MV (which I am so glad they bring back in their “Lucky One” MV concept) is that even though EXO’s POV clearly says that he knows that the fatal attraction is bad for them and that they “accept” it and even seek their love interest out (who pains them when they are apart from her and even when they are near…) they still want to get away (they call the doctor to assess the situation. Usually for some people, going to the doctor is the FINAL resort after you’ve exhausted everything else and you feel that medical assistance is the only solution you have.) Likewise in the MV they are trying to find an escape from the overwhelming, impending sense of doom that they must be starting to feel. As Xiumin (who was also trapped like Suho) explains, “The scene where I try endlessly to find my way out is an analogy used to depict someone trying to break his addiction.” (I was laughing so much during this interview especially at the part where Chanyeol was caught by the interviewers and reported enjoying watching them panic….lol He’s a mess.)

What I love too about this MV and through Kai’s explanation…the choreography directly relates to the lyrics as well. The chorus that we all know and can’t help to sing is illustrated in the way that EXO moves:


Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me


Oh she hurts me

继续 追逐这你 想得到你

Ji xu zhui zhu zhe ni xiang de dao ni

I continue to chase you I want to get you


Someone call the doctor

快绑住我 对我说

kuai bang zhu wo dui wo shuo

tie me up and tell me


爱情这病 上瘾 overdose

Ai qing zhe bing shang yin overdose

This sickness called love is addictive overdose


思念的时间太久 恐慌就开始折磨

Si nian de shi jian tai jiu kong huang jiu kai shi zhe mo

The time spent missing you is too long panic turns into torture


慢慢越被你深深迷惑 eh oh

Man man yue bei ni shen shen mi huo eh oh

I’m slowly more deeply bewitched by you eh oh


Too much 是你 your love

Too much shi ni your love

Too much it’s you your love


这是 overdose

Zhe shi overdose

This is an overdose


Too much 是你 your love

Too much shi ni your love

Too much it’s you your love


这是 overdose

Zhe shi overdose

This is an overdose

As Kai explains, with their bodies EXO reflects the actual overdose that they describe in the chorus (the heart shapes and then the running of their fingers down their chest as if the poison of that love is descending through their bodies to their very foundation, the woozy swaying as they are overtaken by their love interest’s “spell,” pulling at their hearts and chest showing the pain of this love, circling their arms around their head to signify going out of their minds, dragging their hands across their neck in a slow slashing motion to symbolize well…death, tapping their wrists as if to check their pulse, the members beating a rhythm against their fellow members heads to and then in a way guiding them from side to side as they are puppeteers which symbolizes not only their love interest but what this love does to them, and of course the hip-hop dance moves to reflect the sensuous sound that you can NOT help but move to, the hip pops from EXO-M anyone?!) Within this choreography, I believe we’re also getting the aggression that we did not get to see with Let Out the Beast and Two Moons (as those two songs did not have MVs…I cry.)








난 너를 맡고 또 너를 마신다

Nan neoreul matgo tto neoreul masinda

I taste you and drink you

내 심장이 떨려와 계속 들이켜도 아직 모자라 yeah

Nae simjangi tteollyeowa gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara yeah

My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet yeah

손끝까지 전율시킨 갈증 이순간을 잡아

Sonkkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung isunganeul jaba

This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment

질주를 멈추지 마 너무 좋아 can’t stop her

Jiljureul meomchuji ma neomu joha can’t stop it

Don’t stop going, it’s so good, can’t stop


Combining all of these elements….this is like a “it hurts so good. Let me hurt you good too..” message just like Chanyeol said (GOT to love his lines to open the rap section of EXO K’s version of “Overdose.” Iconic!) but then again as I’ve stated before EXO is STILL trying to run away by the end of this song (perhaps Kai made it out because of what his name means….”open door”…) But I do realize that this is quickly moving into our video analysis discussion Aqua which I sincerely apologize for but as it relates to the lyrics….I had to include some things. Forgive me.


I will return to the topic at hand.

The final chorus of this song is so chilling….you know that it’s meant to be beautiful but honestly…it’s like you’re ready to knock them over the head! Clearly this relationship won’t go anywhere. She knows what she does to them. She knows that as much as he is truly infatuated with her (her beauty and her way) that she is poisonous to him even if she may really not mean him any harm. (This is the kind of dark lyrics that I really go for…) And while sure….you can take the light hearted approach and believe that this was simply a “love song” for the fans as Kai also says in the interview you can view above……a song that says that EXO is addicted to their fans and likewise honestly (18 record breaking daesangs didn’t just come from pure luck alone….) I’d like to take a mature approach to this lyrical discussion and take the fact that I’m a fan out of it (though who doesn’t appreciate that EXO dedicates songs to them?)



Ta de ai cai neng jiu wo

only her love can save me


Shi qu ta yi tian dou bu neng huo

If I lose her then I am unable to survive for even a day

我不想离开 你的爱像天堂的诱惑

Wo bu xiang li kai ni de ai xiang tian tang de you huo

I don’t want to leave, your love is like the temptation of heaven

致命的美丽 震撼着我 eh oh

Zhi ming de mei li zhen han zhe wo eh oh

Your fatal beauty startles me eh oh

Too much 是你 your love

Too much shi ni your love

Too much it’s you you love

After reading through this, hopefully you can now understand why I linked Heart Attack – Overdose – Monster together. There are probably a couple of other songs that can be linked as well (especially if they focus on a more fatuous love based relationship that has quite a few violent/toxic elements.)

As always, thanks for joining me for the lyrical discussion!

Please read on and enjoy Admin Aqua’s aural analysis (I DEFINITELY look forward to it as always)

This has been Admin Pisces


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**Experiences Otherworldly Traumatic Lyrical Transfiguration**

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