Overdose Cont’d

Like Pisces, I too, am excited to get to this song. Everyone always talks about ‘Growl’ but how can they forget this addictive song?? I mean the Baekhyun pelvic thrust alone, sheesh!!!!!


I mean, COME ON!!!!!

But I digress….

**Warning: Hahaha “Warning”……. 😂 You already know the drill…. 😂

This song just screams attitude. I mean seriously. They’re pretty much telling you “I know it’s not good for me, so what?” the entire song. Your attention is grabbed immediately by the piercing high pitched whine that breaks into a “WARNING” alert. **Starts snickering again** But that 808 that drops tho….Ayyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!! So now you’ve got the bass, click track and this wicked electronic phasing effect. Like I said before, A-TTI-TUDE!


 And when the chorus comes in……..IT’S LIT! Whoever decided to use that setting on the keyboard for the chorus and wrote the bass line, Bless you honey. (Yes, we know who wrote and produced the track but we don’t know what parts so…..yeah) And speaking of the chorus, I think my ears hear some mode mixture going on. I swear it sounds like they went Dorian at one point, but I can’t know that for sure because oh gosh darn it there’s no score available for the general public for this song……….



**Le sigh**

Anyway, it’s interesting looking at the instrumentation for this song in light of the subject. There’s a frantic, frenzied feel to the chorus because of that keyboard setting. let’s be real, them boys are in deep and that doctor needs to hurry up. And that warning alarm keeps on buzzing throughout the song. There’s really no reprieve for these hectic emotions that we hear in the accompaniment. Many times there’s a slower section the completely mellows out. Yeah we kinda get that when they sing

EXO-K Version

멈출수 없어 이미 가득한 널
Meomchulsu eobseo imi gadeukhan neol
I can’t stop, I’m already filled with you

지금 이 순간 you’re in my heart
Jigeum i sungan you’re in my heart
Right now, this moment, you’re in my heart

EXO-M Version

再也无法倒退 你填满的空间
Zai ye wu fa dao tui ni tian man de kong jian
There’s no way to go back, the space that you fill

在这一瞬间 you’re in my heart
Zai zhe yi shun jian you’re in my heart
At this moment you’re in my heart

but…….that agitated undercurrent is still there and the “reprieve” lasts for almost exactly 10 seconds (Yes, I counted. It lasts exactly 10.63 seconds).

And speaking of agitated, these vocals man. Like I said before and I’ll say it again… A-TTI-TUDE!!!!


Even smooth as silk Luhan had hard hitting vocals on this one. In most songs there is an incline in the intensity of the vocals. Not so for ‘Overdose’. The choice of giving the phrases in the verses a clipped delivery vs. the detached delivery of the chorus is really subtle but it shows the difference between their mindset in the verses and the chorus. Putting it in music terms, accent-wise the verses are tenuto while the chorus is staccato. To take it a step further the rap is pretty much marcato. (Look that up and expand your vocabulary)


It makes sense to think of this song in accents. So let’s break that down.

Verse 1-Chorus-Verse 2-Chorus-Bridge-Rap-Chorus

This is what is happening instead of “introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution” that we usually hear vocally. An interesting and hard hitting change.

But back to the differences…..

As I stated before the accompaniment is frenzied in the chorus more so than in the verses. But look at the difference of topic

Verse 1

EXO-K Version

모든걸 걸고 널 들이킨 난
Modeungeol geolgo neol deurikin nan
I drew you in closer with all I had

이제 돌이킬수도 없다
Ije dorikilsudo eopda
Now I can’t turn it back

이건 분명 위험한 중독
Igeon bunmyeong wiheomhan jungdok
This is clearly a dangerous addiction

So bad no one can stop her

Her love her love

오직 그것만 바라
ojik geugeotman bara
The only thing I want

그녀의 사랑 하나뿐인걸
Geunyeoui sarang hanappuningeol
is her love

치명적인 페이스
Chimyeongjeogin fantasy
Her fatal fantasy

황홀한 그 안에 취해
hwangholhan geu ane chwihae
I’m drunk with ecstasy

Oh she wants me
oh she’s got me

oh she hurts me

좋아 더욱 갈망하고 있어
Joha deouk galmanghago isseo
What else can be better than this?

EXO-M Version


我赌上一切 而喝下了你
Wo du shang yi qie er he xia le ni
I wagered everything and drank you down

Shi jian dao zhuan ye wu fa shou hui
Even if time turned back there’s no way to take it back

Jiu suan mao zhe shang yin de wei xian
Even taking the risk of addiction

So bad, no one can stop her

Her love her love

wo xiang yao ta de yi qie
I want her everything

她的爱 就是唯一的定律
Ta de ai jiu shi wei yi de ding lu
Her love is the only law

Ta de chun yi wen zhi ming
One kiss from her lips is lethal

越恍惚 就越无法自拔
Yue huang hu jiu yue wu fa zi ba
The more unmindful the more you’ll be unable to get yourself out

Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me

Oh she hurts me

Wo shi ru ci ke wang xiang de dao ni
I am like this, eager to get you


EXO-K Version

Someone call the doctor

날 붙잡고 말해줘
nal butjapgo malhaejwo
hold me and tell me

사랑은 결국 중독 오버도스
Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok overdose
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose

시간이 지날수록 통제도 힘들어져
Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
It’s harder to control as time goes by

점점 깊숙이 빠져간다
Jeomjeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda
I’m falling deeper into her

Oh too much 너야 your love
Oh too much neoya your love
Oh too much, it’s you, your love

이건 오버도스
igeon overdose
this is overdose

Too much 너야 your love
Too much neoya your love
Too much, it’s you, your love

이건 오버도스
igeon overdose
this is overdose

EXO-M Version

Someone call the doctor

快绑住我 对我说
kuai bang zhu wo dui wo shuo
tie me up and tell me

爱情这病 上瘾 overdose
Ai qing zhe bing shang yin overdose
This sickness called love is addictive overdose

思念的时间太久 恐慌就开始折磨
Si nian de shi jian tai jiu kong huang jiu kai shi zhe mo
The time spent missing you is too long panic turns into torture

慢慢越被你深深迷惑 eh oh
Man man yue bei ni shen shen mi huo eh oh
I’m slowly more deeply bewitched by you eh oh

Too much 是你 your love
Too much shi ni your love
Too much it’s you your love

这是 overdose
Zhe shi overdose
This is an overdose

Too much 是你 your love
Too much shi ni your love
Too much it’s you your love

这是 overdose
Zhe shi overdose
This is an overdose

And let’s not forget the rap. That is the most tumultuous section of the entire song.


EXO-K Version

난 너를 맡고 또 너를 마신다
Nan neoreul matgo tto neoreul masinda
I taste you and drink you

내 심장이 떨려와 계속 들이켜도 아직 모자라 yeah
Nae simjangi tteollyeowa gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara yeah
My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet yeah

손끝까지 전율시킨 갈증 이순간을 잡아
Sonkkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung isunganeul jaba
This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment

질주를 멈추지 마 너무 좋아 can’t stop her
Jiljureul meomchuji ma neomu joha can’t stop it
Don’t stop going, it’s so good, can’t stop

헤이 닥터 지금 이대로 가진않아?
Hei dakteo jigeum idaero gajinanha
Hey doctor, it won’t go like this

주체할수 없는 이끌림에 너와 내가 하나
Juchehalsu eomneun ikkeullime neowa naega hana
You and I will become one with the uncontrollable attraction

이 느낌 없이는 죽은거나 마찬가진걸
I neukkim eobsineun jugeungeona machangajingeol
Without this feeling, it’s like I am dead

내가 사는 이유 너라는 달콤함에 중독
Naega saneun iyu neoraneun dalkomhame jungdok
The reason I live is because of my addiction to the sweetness that is you

EXO-M Version

Wo xiang yao ba ni guan man wo de hou
I want to fill my throat with you

Quan shen dou zai chan dou
My entire body is trembling

jiu suan he de zai duo yong yuan dou bu gou
but no matter how much more I drink it will never be enough

Du xing yi jing man yan cong tou dao jiao
The poison has already spread from my head to my toes

dan wo bu qu zhao jia
but I don’t try to fight it

Xiang shou zhe zhe zhong ci ji
Enjoy this kind of stimulation

那么痛快 I can’t stop
na me tong kuai I can’t stop
so happy I can’t stop

Hey doctor

这种感觉就挺好的 huh
Zhe zhong gan jue jiu ting hao de huh
This kind of feeling is pretty nice huh

Kang ju bu liao ni gei de yin li
I can’t resist the force of your attraction

rang wo man man bei ni rong hua
you’re slowly making me melt

Ning yuan chang shui bu xing ru guo
I would rather sleep forever and not wake

zhe zhong gan jue bu cun zai
if this kind of feeling doesn’t exist

Zhong ni tian mi de du
Taking your sweet poison

bian cheng wo huo bu xia qu de qi dai
becomes my looking forward to not being able to go on

The phrasing conveys the meaning just as much as the delivery of the tone does. Speaking of which, they use a gruff tone in this song. Or more accurately speaking for the milder voices, what is gruff compared to what their tone usually is. They’re growing before our very eyes. **sniff sniff** But with all seriousness, you can hear the growth in their voices compared to how they sounded in ‘Mama’. They’ve learned to play with their voices more.

Phew! I think I may have talked a bit much in this one but it’s just so full of little interesting tidbits to dissect. Welp…. Admin Aqua Out!


White RecordsharpASignature

**Experience Otherworldly Traumatic Aural Transfiguration**

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