OSTs 2014

A look at the OSTs that EXO members recorded in 2014.

“Crying Out (외침)” D.O. Cart OST

Can you hear our sad cries?

We held it in and endured through endlessly

Even when darkness came while walking on this far path

We held hands and were always together

On a long and tiring day

I got together my heart that was filled with sighs

Today and tomorrow, I will get up again

And live through the day

This OST is a beautiful compliment to a film whose social critique was sorely needed. D.O. had the honor of debuting as a supporting character in this film as well as recording the OST, Scream or Crying Out for this film, Cart. The melody of the piece is one that is repeated throughout. As D.O. is known to do and a skill he continues to finesse, the piece begins quietly and somberly with a lone piano mirroring the sentiments felt from the union workers as they witness the injustices done unto them and with each stanza the emotions D.O. portrays begins to heighten not only in volume but with his expression. As he heightens so does the instrumentation. It goes from lone piano to piano, guitar, kit and bass. The combination is one that brings that familiar uncomfortable lump to the back of your throat signaling to you that your heart is worn out and you can no longer hold in your emotions so you must cry out. Hopefully loud enough so that whatever is hurting you won’t break you down. Hopefully your crying out is like a rallying cry to others that you can make it together as D.O. seems to almost be chanting by the end of this piece. It reflects their understandable frustration with the system at large that denies and exploits them and their steadfast resolve in fighting back against the oppression they face while still finding joy in each day and hope that their labors will not be in vain. You wouldn’t be alone if you cried while you listened to this piece.

“The Best Luck (최고의 행운)” Chen It’s Okay, That’s Love OST

I love you so much that I could risk my everything

I’ll promise you that I’ll care for you

Even if time passes and everything changes

Even if the world ends, my love

You are my luck, I can’t avoid it

Every day I’m so lucky

I want to confess my hidden heart, I love you

Is anyone else on Cloud 9 when they listen to this song? Chen has this way of making you soar higher and higher as you listen to him. It’s as if you know everything is going to be alright and that whatever fears and worries you have in love, you can trust in him and he’ll see you through as his expression is so sincere and heartfelt. It is every bit a hopeful love song detailing in just a couple of stanzas all of the dreams of the main characters and supporting characters of “It’s Okay, That’s Love” who are seeking the promising, enduring, all-encompassing love that Chen so wistfully sings about. The instruments underneath him, strings, guitar, kit, piano and bass, turn this song into an anthem of love. A love that happened by chance that was meant to last forever and brings you success because it brings out the best of who you are and encourages you to keep striving to be even better than your best. A love that is undeniable even if you are afraid to pursue it; all barriers you create will fall before it until you accept that it was where you were meant to be.

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