OSTs 2014

A look at the OSTs that EXO members recorded in 2014.

“Crying Out (외침)” D.O. Cart OST

Can you hear our sad cries?

We held it in and endured through endlessly

Even when darkness came while walking on this far path

We held hands and were always together

On a long and tiring day

I got together my heart that was filled with sighs

Today and tomorrow, I will get up again

And live through the day

“The Best Luck (최고의 행운)” Chen It’s Okay, That’s Love OST

I love you so much that I could risk my everything

I’ll promise you that I’ll care for you

Even if time passes and everything changes

Even if the world ends, my love

You are my luck, I can’t avoid it

Every day I’m so lucky

I want to confess my hidden heart, I love you

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