My Turn to Cry Cont’d

And we’re back in our feelings.


This time EXO gives us an acoustic ballad for Christmas. 🎁

**Warning:**SIGH** This is strictly a discussion based on an aural analysis. If you’ve read My Tunesday Wish you already know what I want Santa to give me.


We have the return of simple, uncomplicated instrumentation. The focal points of the song are the vocals and the emotion. You don’t need fifty million instruments for that. Especially if you want the sincerity of the emotions to shine through. The song begins with the strumming of a sole guitar. It is soon joined by muted percussion. And that’s it. That’s all of the instruments. Once more instruments more than those used weren’t needed. The point comes across in the strum pattern of the guitar and the percussion that stays in the pocket. Notice that the guitarist is lightly strumming. This is in line with the subdued tone of the song.


The control that these guys have over their voices in songs like this one…


As I stated before, the simple instrumentation in the back allows the voices to come to the forefront. This makes it possible for the listener to hear every little nuance the betrays what they are feeling. Even the runs have a mournful quality to them. Note that during the chorus their voices have an airy, breathy quality.

EXO-K Version


안돼요 It’s my turn to cry 내가 할게요

andwaeyo It’s my turn to cry naega halgeyo

No, it’s my turn to cry, I’ll cry now


그대의 눈물 모아

geudaeui nunmul moa

I’ll take all of your tears


It’s my turn to cry 내게 맡겨요

It’s my turn to cry naege matgyeoyo

It’s my turn to cry, give them to me


그 눈물까지 This time

geu nunmulkkaji This time

Even those tears, this time


This time yeah

EXO-M Version


爱离开 it’s my turn to cry

ai li kai it’s my turn to cry

Love has left, it’s my turn to cry


xing xing dou zai kan

The stars are all watching



yan lei kuai lei ji cheng hai

Tears are quickly forming an ocean



lei ji cheng hai

forming an ocean


It’s my turn to cry


hei ye duo cui can

The dark sky is ever so bright



duo cui can

Ever so bright


快关掉眼泪 this time

kuai guan diao yan lei this time

Hurry switch off your tears this time


This time yeah

To me, this effect is imitative of the sighing breaths one takes when crying. No, not the ugly cry. The silent, desolate cry where the tears are just streaming down your face but no sounds come from you. Crying in silence is one of the most painful of the types of cries there is.


As we’ve seen in the lyrical analysis, they’re crying out of guilt from the pain that they caused and is fully accepting their punishment. So it makes sense that this is the type of crying they are doing late at night sitting alone by the light of the moon looking at the stars thinking of her. You can’t help but be caught up in those emotions.

And I know Pisces has already mentioned it but for me as touching as this song is, it wasn’t until Baekhyun’s solo stage for EXOPlanet #1-The Lost Planet that I truly got chills. Just a man and a baby grand. Talk about beauty in simplicity. **Swoon**


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

Video Credit: B HAPPY

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