My Answer

Hello again dear readers, we are back with another duo of songs from EXO’s album “EXODUS”


First and foremost we will take up from where our discussion left off last week with “My Answer.”


When we left off last time in our lyrical analysis of “What If…” (EXO does seem to have a series of slow-jam questioning songs as Admin Aqua pointed out “What Is Love” “What If” “Tell Me (What is Love)” I did mention that I felt “My Answer” appeared to me (from my perspective) to translate as a proposal.

Throughout the song, EXO claims that this love interest is his answer. Perhaps also everything that they have been searching for during their time here on Earth.


I will begin with EXO M’s translations at the start of the piece….


我看起來陽光 微笑掛臉上

Wǒ kàn qǐ lái yáng guāng wéi xiào guà liǎn shàng

I appear to have a sunny smile on my face


què cháng cháng dōu gū dān zhe

but I am often all alone

我保持沉默 裝作很灑脫

Wǒ bǎo chí chén mò zhuāng zuò hěn sǎ tuō

I maintain my silence, pretending I’m very free and at ease


què yǒu huà xiǎng shuō

but I have something that I want to say

^So from the lines taken directly from the opening stanza of the piece, we get the immediate sense that EXO is admitting to their unhappiness and their attempts to “grin and bear it.” Maybe because they’ve realized that not everyone they express their feelings to actually cares…as indicated in many of their pieces prior to this one, they have been let down before by people that they’ve let in who have suddenly changed on them without warning.

They appear happy of course, because that’s a mask we all wear sometimes in order to deflect from people prying but when they are alone that’s when everything really hits them. And as the piece goes on to say, the feelings they have for this old love interest are what have caused them such sadness (as per usual)

However for once….EXO’s feelings are uncomplicated. They profess both their interest and intentions plainly. She is the one that they want. From the moment they met her, they had a good feeling about her. They are at peace admitting to themselves if no one else that she is it….she is their answer.



第一次看到你 就被你吸引

Dì yī cì kàn dào nǐ jiù bèi nǐ xī yǐn

The first time I saw you, I was attracted to you


Méi yǒu fù zá zhēng zhá sī kǎo

I don’t have any complicated thoughts that I’m struggling with


wǒ què xiǎng shuō

but I want to say


The answer is you

My answer is you

D.O.’s lines which finish out the initial chorus state:



Wǒ zǎo yǐ bǎ xīn wèi nǐ dōu chǎng kāi

For a long time, I’ve had my heart wide open for you

You are my everything 我是如此確定

You are my everything wǒ shì rú cǐ què dìng

You are my everything, I am so sure

^Which indicates to your Admin that EXO feels defenseless in regards to their feelings towards this love interest. And although they are guarded and distant as the next verse goes on to explain to protect their heart and their feelings (as they has been hurt time and time and time and time again…) their heart is still open wide to her. There is something about her that they can trust despite everything they have experienced and seen.

Let us continue….


我應該更小心 更珍愛自己 這樣才不會受傷

Wǒ yīng gāi gèng xiǎo xīn gèng zhēn ai zì jǐ zhè yàng cái bú huì shòu shāng

I should be more careful and cherish myself more so that I won’t get hurt

我彷彿快不能呼吸 有生以來第一次感覺

Wǒ fǎng fú kuài bù néng hū xī

It seems as if I’m almost unable to breathe


yǒu shēng yǐ lái dì yī cì gǎn jué

this is the first time in my whole life that I’ve felt this way



Wǒ de nǎo hǎi lǐ miàn zhuāng mǎn le nǐ

My mind is filled with you

看到你的表情 聽到你的笑聲

Kàn dào nǐ de biǎo qíng tīng dào nǐ de xiào shēng

I see your facial expressions and hear your laughter

When I initially read Chen’s opening lines for this song, I really did laugh out loud. Because isn’t that something that we all say…? “I should take better care of myself…I should have read the signs….I should have known…..when will I ever learn….?” It’s so relatable. And again according to EXO’s discography, surely we’re all wondering when if ever they were going to start asking themselves that question instead of diving in on full tilt….


(^basically they need to be this frank with themselves…)

But what is also so precious about this section of the song (and is similar to what we’ve heard in songs before….”Love Love Love” comes to mind as well as so many other love songs written for/sung by EXO) is the very affected way of speaking about what exactly this love interest makes them feel. They are this weak-kneed, dewy eyed lover so beside themselves and consumed with the promise of everlasting, all consuming, powerful love that despite everything…they are surely willing to endure the breathlessness it inspires in them. They thrill in the way their love interest begins to marry into their senses until that love interest is everything they see, hear, breath, tase, smell….

And whereas this Admin surely thought that “Angel (Into Your World)” and “Love Love Love” were some of the dearest songs EXO has sung thus far about love….this line sung by Chen makes one take a step back.


(Pisces is Jongdae…)


yǒu shēng yǐ lái dì yī cì gǎn jué

this is the first time in my whole life that I’ve felt this way

The first time….? What about all the other times EXO….?

And because of that line, immediately a proposal came to mind….that and these next couple of lines sung during the bridge of our piece….



Jiǎn dān yī jù wǒ zài děng nǐ

The simple sentence, “I’m waiting for you”


què shuō bù chū kǒu xiě xià yòu tú diào

but I’m unable to say what I’ve written down out loud and erase it once again



Bì shàng yǎn jīng qù cāi xiǎng nǐ zài zuò shén me

I close my eyes to try and guess what you’re doing


wǒ zhěng tiān dōu zài chóng fù

I repeat this all day long


我在等待 you you you

Wǒ zài děng dài you you you

I am waiting, you, you, you

開啟你心 you you

Kāi qǐ nǐ xīn you you

Open up your heart, you, you



Wǒ shī kòng de qíng gǎn zài xiōng yǒng

My out of control feelings are raging


You are my everything

直到永遠 my love

Zhí dào yǒngyuǎn my love

Until forever, my love

And again I will place the most significant line just below here….


què shuō bù chū kǒu xiě xià yòu tú diào

but I’m unable to say what I’ve written down out loud and erase it once again

And honestly it isn’t just this line that is significant but it is this line above that makes your Admin think about a proposal….depending on what you read and what films you watch and where you are in your personal life, you may or may not have thought about or heard someone speak about proposing to someone. While there is obviously a lot more to it than just writing something down…if we take another step back to see all the clues that EXO has given us. That they’ve known this person for quite some time (For a long time, my heart has been upon to you) and the fact that they keep saying over and over and over again that they are waiting. Could they be waiting on this person to notice them…? It appears that EXO has a good relationship (or at least from their point of view) with this love interest. While they are uncomfortable with most other people, this love interest is the one person they feel both safe and unsettled around.

They go through this routine over and over of preparing themselves to declare their feelings to this person. This person whom they are unfortunately still not as close to as they would like to be (the lines open your heart, you you you-some of the tenderest lines in this piece…both because of the way in which they are sung ((the inflection, and the deliberate softening of their voices as if they are speaking to someone who is asleep and trying to gently rouse them)) and what they are singing.) I believe this person cares for EXO deeply but perhaps they feel they have been able to discern that the smile they wear in public is fake and feel distant and all the while close to them.

The lines D>O. sings which are also equally tender and the sentiments of them made real in the way he articulates them about this love interest being their everything, until forever, my love….this person is a dear friend whom feelings (in my perspective) have blossomed or are attempting to blossom into something deeper….something everlasting.


And by the end of the piece…you can hear the slight desperation and pleading (maybe pleading for their love interest to take them seriously and to not abandon them in this moment where they are being their most vulnerable…)


Oh I’m nothing



Bié lí kāi wǒ

Don’t leave me


Jiù qǐng ràng wǒ péi zài nǐ de shēn páng

please just let me stay by your side



Jiù qǐng ràng wǒ péi zài nǐ de shēn páng

please just let me stay by your side

^They are begging their love interest to as they said to let them “stay by (her) side” to “not leave (them)” that they are “nothing” a proposal you may hear in a more sappy, wistful, hopeless romantic tone..?


But even in that moment of innocent unveiling of their desperation (I can slightly imagine the man whom EXO is voicing being on both knees bended instead of just one….like it’s that intense for them if they ever admit their feelings aloud to their love interest) ((they did mention that their feelings were driving them wild and if anything….you can admire their willingness to drop the mask and put it all out on the table one more time if only to confess to the one person whose opinion they value the most)) their resolve is solid. They repeat the title of the piece and fill in the answer (the answer they would return to and come up with each time no matter how many times they’ve thought through their feelings….a sign of maturity…?)



Zài duō xiǎng yě yī yàng

Even if I think about it some more, it’ll be the same


oh it’s you



Wǒ de dá an

My answer

It’s you

Somehow as I’ve come to the end of this analysis….this song comes to mind.

And also though the caption indicates that it’s intended for a totally different topic I imagine the hands of love pushing through and breaking down the walls being exactly what EXO feels that this love interest does for him….but OP’s original message is bomb too. 

And now I shall float away if only for a moment before we return for EXODUS (the loving feeling doesn’t last so I will enjoy it while I can….)

This has been your Admin Pisces



**Experiences Complete Besotted Lyrical Transfiguration**

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