My Answer Cont’d


This song just gives me chills. I remember hearing it live last year…..MAH LAWD!!!!!

The staging, the vocals, the live piano playing……


Bring it back, Aqua, bring it back….

Whoo, ok.

**WARNING: The following is a discussion based solely on an aural analysis.

From the first few notes of the song(that in my ears, I don’t think I’m wrong, firmly puts us in A major) on the lone piano, which remains the only instrument used the entire song **swoon**{still having piano playing Baekhyun flashbacks},


you know that this song will be a serious. Once again, the simple instrumentation allows the voices to come to the forefront. This imbues the song with sincerity. Which goes in line with what Admin Pisces was saying about My Answer translating as a proposal. A proposal is one of the most sincere, intimate and vulnerable moments in a person’s life. This is the impression given by choosing to solely have the piano underneath the voices. The voices are not covered up by any other instrumentation. There is no competition for attention, just a simple accompaniment.

Now for the focal point of the song, the voices. Unobstructed, we get to hear every inflection, every dynamic change, etc. For My Answer, the Vocal Line and the higher more mellow voices were chosen. (Still wondering why Xiumin wasn’t selected to sing on the EXO-M version instead of having D,O. twice but oh well…) A good choice considering the soft intensity of the piece. Each singer bringing their unique abilities to the song. Chen, as always, soars. That resonant place that he is always able to find that evades so many singers. For example, listen to when he is singing

Bié lí kāi wǒ
Don’t leave me

Jiù qǐng ràng wǒ péi zài nǐ de shēn páng
please just let me stay by your side

He’s just coasting above the clouds. Something D.O. and Baekhyun are especially good at is painting a picture with their voices. Throughout both versions they use this ability to layout the scene that we see in our mind’s eye. The moment that best fits this, to me, is near the end when


기다릴게 you you you
Gidarilge you you you
I’ll wait for you, you you you

맘 열어 줘 you you
Mam yeoreo jwo you you
Open your heart, you you


나도 내 맘 어쩔 수가 없어
Nado nae mam eojjeol suga eopseo
I can’t help my heart

You are my everything

영원할게 My love
Yeongwonhalge my love
It’ll be forever, my love

Baekhyun’s chocked up “you you you”’s paired with D.O.’s pianissimo interspective confession “Nado nae mam eojjeol suga eopseo” puts you right in the middle of the point in the proposal where the receiver truly knows that he has given her his heart. Simply beautiful.


Suho and Lay smooth out the edges. Their mellifluous voices bring a sweet innocence to the song further solidifying the song’s genuineness. Just listen to them when they are singing


Jiǎn dān yī jù wǒ zài děng nǐ
The simple sentence, “I’m waiting for you”

què shuō bù chū kǒu xiě xià yòu tú diào
but I’m unable to say what I’ve written down out loud and erase it once again


나 하지 못해 쓰고 지우네
Gidaryeossdan mal han madi
I couldn’t say that I’ve waited for you

기다렸단 말 한 마디
Na haji moshae sseugo jiune
So I’m writing then erasing

Don’t they just make you melt? All that honey!!! The combination of these 5 voices in their respective versions come together to give us one of EXO’s most beautifully vulnerable, heartfelt pieces. So…. “Take your time…” and really listen to what they’re doing vocally. It’ll change your life.

Not gonna lie, if someone proposed to me using My Answer…..he’d get a definite “Yes!”.

This has been Admin Aqua. And on that note, I’m gonna let Baekhyun take us out.


**Experience Euphoric Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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