Hello again everyone!

We’re back with two songs this week as we stated earlier, Moonlight and Thunder.

I will be starting according to their order on the album with “Moonlight.”


For both of these pieces…Moonlight and Thunder, I do feel like they are discussing a “precluding” moment and a “cooling off” period.

Preclude : /prəˈklo͞od/ Verb – prevent from happening; make impossible.

Cooling-off period : Noun – an interval during which two people or groups who are in disagreement can try to settle their differences before taking further action.

Often times it appears in many of EXO’s songs, they are experiencing either one, or both and possibly many other events as well.

Moonlight often has me on Cloud 9 (You can’t stop my EX’Act/future Lotto references lol.) Like the first time Admin Aqua and I (Aqua do you remember those December/early January nights when we were watching EXO performance videos non-stop?!?! UGH?!?!?)

Y’all Moonlight was one of those performances that was a “NEED TO WATCH” (that’s all I’m saying….need to calm down….it’s going to get a little too real otherwise ahaha)


And I can’t start Moonlight without thinking about She’s Dreaming now either…(Ahhh I can’t wait to start that Analysis!)

“You constantly, stealthily invade

the breaks in my everyday life

Exiled to a dark dream

your gentleness awakens me

Too late to close the window

you flee far away”

Honestly this is the premise of the entire piece. A woman or some sort of spiritual creature that haunts the members of EXO or the man they are speaking for in this song.

What’s interesting about this too is that the moon usually symbolizes the feminine, while the sun (I think of History when I think of the Sun) symbolizes the masculine. So in Moonlight we have the (yin) and the female energy and with other songs we have the sun (yang) and masculine energy (again History.)


You take a bath under the moonlight that spills down


I’ve never seen before an expression so captivating


Frozen into a picture, at the end of my line of sight (Can you see the choreo right here? Please!!!)


You stay there forever


You who I can’t touch, who I can’t pull into my arms

Even if I close my eyes

I can’t dream of that mysteriousness


I don’t know how to start moving my pen

and finish writing your story

The closer I want to get to you

the more painful and tragic it is


Love is hard to reject

stop, stop, stop, stop, yeah

Love is hard to reject

stop, stop, stop, stop, yeah

This next part of Moonlight which begins the second verse makes it all the more evident that EXO is the sun. We must remember again that the Moon does not shine on its own, it is merely an illuminary that is illuminated by the Sun. We can even think of EXO as the sun.


我阻止自己 焦急地呼唤你

wo zu zhi zi ji jiao ji de hu huan ni

I stop myself from anxiously calling out for you


怕眼里月光 babe

pa yan li yue guang babe

Afraid that the moonlight in my eyes, babe



hui lin shi ni de chi bang

will soak your wings

And again thinking of it that way brings me to this story told in so many different ways…

“Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”


Source : Kaysimm

There are oh so many poems paying homage to this incredible love that was briefly alluded to above (if you have a moment, please stop reading the rest of the analysis and take a look at the sourced link above.)

Taking it from a more esoteric, otherworldly aspect….Moonlight is the story of the love shared between the sun and the moon, who were never meant to be but would endlessly chase the faint glimpses they could have of one another. Dawn, as some have said, is the symbolization of their only meeting. I feel like it is so fleeting, that that is why EXO says that they can’t even dream of her image. But they see her still. They see the light that they the sun gives to the moon and they see her wings (angelic reference here? Perhaps.)


And bringing it back to something more tangible…the conversation EXO has with her in that fleeting moment of be careful as she goes on her way, to be careful with your heart…even if her heart is now with someone else…and despite the happiness she appears to feel as evidenced by her light…she still returns to see about EXO. She still returns to look in on him. Perhaps they cannot be together because in the more tangible 21st Century sense, they are worlds apart. Separated by some insurmountable barrier.

Such is his love for her that he says no matter what that his heart is open to her. In him she can take respite until she must return. (Though it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever take him up on this proposition):



wo de xin shi chang kai de chuang

My heart is an open window


ni ke yi fang xia suo you de an tang

you can put down everything and lie down in peace

拥抱直到天亮 跟着月幕下那光 你继续

yong bao zhi dao tian liang gen zhe yue mu xia na guang ni ji xu

Hug till the sun comes up, following the light from the moon, you continue to wander


Do you understand now why I began this analysis with these two definitions of a precluding moment and a cooling off period…?

EXO waves between a precluding moment of anticipating “her” “the moon” “this creature’s” arrival and a cooling off period of trying to recall her figure…to recall what fleeting moments they had…to find any faint signs of her in his subconscious so he can write about her and perhaps call her back to him…and hopes to see her again illuminated by the light his light casts upon her…the light that they create together. Moonlight.

Ah it’s so dreamy…(oh my goodness why did the Queen Whitney Houston’s voice just come into my head….”Don’t make me close one more door! I don’t want to hurt anymore! Stay in my arms! If you dare! Or must I imagine you there? Don’t walk away from me! I have nothing, nothing, nothing…if I don’t have you….)


(My favorite parts are of course where the body rolls come in…it’s the last time we hear the chorus and Baekhyun’s/Chen’s runs……! I swear I can’t stop loving! Toniiiiiiight! Toniiiiiiiight!)


(Yet again we have The Underdogs returning to produce this track! YES!!! Bless them!!!!)

White RecordsharpPSignature

(Y’all I have to go watch the performance again like a billion times…bye)

(Y’all each and EVERY performance got BETTER AND BETTER)

For you

For you

And you

And you

And you

And you

And you 

**Experiences Otherworldly Complete Lyrical Transfiguration**

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