Moonlight Cont’d

Hmmmmmmmm…… ‘Moonlight’


Oh my dearest Pisces, I remember those nights VERY well…..

**Goes down memory lane**


Oh ‘Moonlight’……………….

It is such a beautiful composition (do the damn thing The Underdogs!!!). I really feel as though this is one of the most underrated songs that EXO has. Makes one wonder if it has something to do with the prejudice against idols and SM topic Chen and Jungmo were talking about during The Viewable SM….

**WARNING: teeheehee…I will never be ok saying that during this album…


You know the spiel, discussion based solely on aural analysis…blah blah blah..

From the opening of the song, the listener is placed in an ethereal (otherworldly 😉) atmosphere. The instrument of choice, which I’m still trying to place whether it’s keyboard setting or a guitar setting, lightly resonates almost bell-like coupled with a light phasing/whooshing effect. It immediately creates a serene mood. And then….the heavy bass comes in once the verse begins. Soon it is joined by an electric drum kit. The piano is present from chorus then continues throughout the rest of the song.

I find it interesting that bells and chimes are included on the section that comes between the verse and the chorus. It’s reminiscent of the bells that toll telling the time on clock towers. As Pisces has already explained, this is a song about the love between the sun and moon. What is more telling than the hours ticking away and being reminded of how little time you have with you beloved than the bell tolling?


Note what is being said as the bell tolls.

EXO-K Version


Neon ssodajineun dalbiche syawo

You shower in the pouring moonlight


Geu hwangholhan pyojeongeun bon jeogi eobseo

I haven’t seen that entrancing expression before


Geurimcheoreom meomchun nega boyeo

I look at you who’s stopped like a picture


Geu siseon kkeuten

and at the end of that gaze

EXO-M Version



ni zai sa luo de yue guang xia mu yu

You take a bath under the moonlight that spills down



cong wei jian guo ru ci zhao mi de na shen qing

I’ve never seen before an expression so captivating


凝结成画 在我视线尽头

ning jie cheng hua zai wo shi xian jin tou

Frozen into a picture, at the end of my line of sight



ni yong yuan zan ting

You stay there forever

He wants to “freeze” or capture this moment but time is not on his side. The bell his constant reminder of that.

The duos that brought you What is Love? are back. Yep, Baekhyun & D.O. for EXO-K and Chen & Luhan for EXO-M. It’s a wise choice of voicings. Especially Chen and Baekhyun for that high “I swear I can’t stop loving! Toniiiiiiight! Toniiiiiiiight!” UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Although I do wonder what the song would’ve been like if Xiumin sang a few lines in the EXO-M version…… He definitely has the voice for this type of song. Lay as well.

Anyway, the ones that are singing on the EXO-K and EXO-M tracks respectively evoke different feelings when listening to them. The vocal approach used by Chen and Luhan gives the impression of a frustrated lover. There is a slight whiny, imploring edge to their voices. Whereas the vocal approach used by D.O. and Baekhyun give the impression that is at first contemplative then becomes frustrated in the helplessness of the situation. Their voices keep a warm glow until the end when Baekhyun goes into falsetto.

This song is just….ugh…such a gorgeous piece of music. And the choreography… breathtaking in it’s simplicity.

This has been Admin Aqua. See you again in a bit!

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Oh before I forget, I would also like to leave a little something for you. And I KNOW you’ll love it…..

🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁

Who doesn’t enjoy a few body rolls at the end of the day?


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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