Love, Love, Love

Somehow we’ve gone backwards once more…?

It’s almost like we’re going back to EXO during their What is Love Era…but with the knowledge and foresight of every era since that first era.


But it’s also like we’re still moving forward from the references that are used here in Chanyeol’s lines….


돌아올 순 없겠지 저 손잡이를 돌리면

doraol sun eobgetji jeo sonjabireul dollimyeon

I won’t be able to come back if I turn that handle

저 굳게 닫혀있는 문

jeo gutge datyeoinneun mun

through the tightly shut door

너머에 든 세상이 나는 궁금해

neomeoe deun sesangi naneun gunggeumhae

I’m curious about this world


문이 열린 그 순간

muni yeollin geu sungan

The moment the door opens

내가 알던 세상과

naega aldeon sesanggwa

A different place from the world

다른 곳이 펼쳐져

dareun gosi pyeolchyeojyeo

I knew is before me

A tightly shut door that Chanyeol reveals is the gateway to a new world shows that this relationship is starting to take a serious turn? Perhaps the carefree nature of Run has simmered down into something more sincere as they have spent more time with their intended love interest. (I can’t help but think that this song is well placed too….because it’s literally the last song on the album save for the obligatory EXO Version of the title song….it’s like the chapter of Overdose is closing and they are trying to hint to us what to expect in the following album. Very clever…)


According to EXO (Baekhyun’s lines of why doesn’t this feel like a dream?) the love that EXO feels for their love interest is natural…no more the passionate, all consuming throes of infatuated love….they’ve simmered down and are now at a stage where their love is transformative. It brings them to a higher sense of being.

Notice the opening lines talking about this mysterious plane that EXO is living in.

It is as if they are in limbo between what was and how the relationship between them and their love interest began and are standing at the precipice of the next stage….where your love deepens and your lives align.

이제 네가 없는 곳엔 두 번 다신 안 갈래
ije nega omneun gosen du beon dasin an gallae
Now I don’t ever want to go somewhere that you’re not there

이제 너 없인 nothing 거기 출구는 치워줘
ije neo obsin nothing geogi chulguneun chiwojwo
Now without you, it’s nothing, take away the exit

아무것도 이제 더는 바랄 것이 없는데
amugeotdo ije daneun baral geosi eomneunde
Now I have nothing more to want

Will you stay with me?

And it’s really….beautiful and poetic to me that EXO who are the beings from another dimension and of otherworldly ability themselves seem to have resigned themselves to their fate on Earth…maybe because they’ve found a love interest whom they would be willing to join. They wouldn’t look back anymore and wonder what might have been and what could have been. They feel at peace and grounded in their choice of their love interest. D.O.’s lines towards the end of the piece even mentions feeling relieved to have finally found their love interest. (The lines of both version open with EXO almost saying that they were frantically searching for their love interest and afraid that they missed their opportunity time and time again….relatable.) They have even immersed themselves within the very cosmic makeup of the Earth. They chant the lines “Earth, Air, Water, Fire” over and over and over again with this piece as if it’s a prayer or a meditation to move themselves forward without hesitation and commit to this new love.


As our bodies as human beings are made up of some of these elements and judging from the tone of this piece…it’s a little more of an intimate song. As if just by being around their love interest laughing and crying with them and enjoying each day of becoming one together and suffering hardships together (you who’s looking at me, me who’s looking at you) they are sharing an intimacy deeper than anything they’ve ever experienced before (you’re opening, you’re blooming, like this you’re quite warm.) They are growing together. It’s as if she has opened a garden of love for him to nourish him. And EXO is consuming their love interest’s elements/nourishment….of Earth, Air, Water and Fire….and perhaps their love interest doesn’t realize it because it doesn’t seem forced. Their love is natural, easy going and yet still so ardent and raw. Wherever they go, they carry their love interest with them. They see them every where they go. (It’s that everything looks better, everything smells better, everything tastes better, everything feels better kind of love.) They are starry eyed with their feet planted firmly on the floor.

(This part of the piece reminds me of a portion of the Song of Solomon….

Come then, woman whom I love.

My *dearest, come with me.

Look, the winter is over,

the rains have come and gone.

Flowers appear in the country;

birds are singing.

In the fields, people can hear the song of *doves.

Young *figs are growing on the *fig trees.

Smell the flowers on the*vines.

Get up, my *dear, my beautiful lady.

Come with me.

You are like a *dove that hides in holes in the cliffs.

It is as if you are hiding in secret places in the cliffs.

Let me see your face.

Let me hear your voice.

Your voice is so pleasant,

and your face is so lovely.)

It’s as if they’ve been reborn because of this love (My favorite line of Chanyeol’s in this piece would be the “Look into your eyes, butter-butterflies!”) I say rebirth because Butterflies symbolize reincarnation. And so their love interest symbolizes renewal….perhaps also renewal of EXO’s resolve in their mission here on Earth as they proclaimed in MAMA?

The EXO-M version yet again doesn’t disappoint in their version of Love, Love, Love. Look at these lines….



kàn nǐ chū zhàn xiào yán

Seeing your blossoming smile


tàn xī ruò yǐn ruò xiàn

your sigh is just partly concealed

每一步 轻轻地

měi yī bù qīng qīng dì

Every step, it’s softly

慢慢地 温柔佔领

màn màn dì wēn róu zhàn lǐng

slowly, gently, taking over



shuāng jiǎo xià de dì miàn

The ground beneath my two feet


chù pèng de kōng jiān

the spaces I’ve touched


lǐ dōu chōng mǎn nǐ qì wèi

are filled with your scent



guāng máng wéi rào zhe nǐ

Light surrounds you

I can see the future


wǒ de quán xīn yǐ jīng bèi fú lǔ

My entire heart has already been captured


真的非你不可 因为你重生

zhēn de fēi nǐ bú kě yīn wéi nǐ zhòng shēng

It has to be you, because of you I’ve been reborn



cóng yù jiàn nǐ de nà yī kè

From the moment I ran into you


shì jiè yǐ fēng yún biàn sè

the colors of the world changed


nǐ shì wéi yī de yán sè

now you’re the only color



jiù suàn shì yī tiān

Even if it’s just one day


yě wú fǎ lí kāi nǐ

I can’t leave you


jiān dìng bú yí de xīn

my strong and steady heart



gǎn jiào bú gòu zhēn qiē

It doesn’t feel too clear


nán dào zhè shì zài mèng lǐ

could this just be a dream?


wǒ hái zài bú néng xiàng xìn

I still cannot believe that


cǐ kè yōng bào nǐ hū xī

I’m holding you right now and breathing



yào yǒu duō xìng yùn

How lucky was I


wǒ cái néng rèn shí nǐ

that I was able to meet you


tiān shēng zhù dìng ài nǐ

that I was born to love you



So ends Overdose!

And what a way to end it.

Be blessed everyone.

Riffing with Soulful!Soo “All I want is you and me!”


White RecordsharpPSignature

**Experiences Euphoric, Transformative Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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